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Point of New World Order

point of order – A claim made by a senator from the floor that a rule of the Senate is being violated. If the chair sustains the point of order, the action in violation of the rule is not permitted.

Glossary of the United States Senate

We heard that a lot for a bit, with the total replay that is cable news.  Democrats repeatedly called for points of order during the Strzok hearings, challenging the procedure, usually on the heels of seemed personal attacks or other unfounded allegations of “Deep State” or other fanciful intrusions.

Frankly, the Republican claim that the FBI is part of a “deep state” should be considered in the light in which it’s been offered; a ludicrous attempt to immunize a president from political and criminal harm; a president they’re not even sure of how deep his involvement in Russian election meddling goes.  Continue reading

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A Man’s Man For All Seasons

Vladimir Putin, the ex-Russian President and now Prime Minister of indeterminate term, has been in the news a lot lately. Recently, it’s mostly because he’s been out of sight from his constituents; a fact causing Joe Public to be kind of concerned about it.

They, like others around the world, are worried about their leader; vetting multiple scenarios about his health, the state of the republic and even the paternity of another possible love-child.  I think the reasons for the absence are a lot more mundane, clinical and a whole lot more obvious.

On Monday, there was a joint celebration in Moscow and Crimea commemorating the one year anniversary of the country’s dubious referendum to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia.  There, evidence of Putin’s “problem” was readily on hand for all to see. Continue reading


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Faith of your convictions

I’ve been thinking about Edward Snowden lately.

As things continue to dangerously unravel in Ukraine, the eyes of the world are on the region waiting to see what either side will do and whether sanctions employed by the United States and the European Union have any effect on the broadening violence and Russia’s continued intervention.

Flag of Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine

It was on a backdrop of burgeoning revolution that a few weeks ago, Snowden chose to question the Russian President on his country’s intelligence operations with regards to its citizens.  I wonder if he appreciates the irony of that moment because, as a woman once told her dog, he’s not in Kansas anymore. Continue reading

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