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There was a time when bullsh*t walked. It’s just not today.

It would probably be too dire of me to ask if everybody knew what the truth was.  So, I’ll take a different tact.

We all know or knew of a person, either we went to school with someone, worked on the job with someone or was in the military, especially in the military with someone like that, who at the end of the day was really full of shit.  We accept them for what and who they are; we acknowledge that they lie but because they may be part of our circle, we tolerate them; even at times enjoying their company.  But always, we recognize that what they’re selling is a bunch of fake.  We derisively yet jokingly say, “That mother%*cker can’t be relied on” or words to that effect. They’re not necessarily friends but yet sometimes more than acquaintances.  Continue reading

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Truth, a question

Is there ever a time when you have, at your disposal, too much truth?  You would think that such a condition would never occur; that there would always be circumstances where verity is always sought, regardless of the outcome.  Truth provides the fertile ground that supports growth; it enables the tools that bring change.  Why then is truth so hard to not only come by but also to be acknowledged?  Why do we ask for the truth when what we really want is a fabrication; perhaps truth light?


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