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Different & the Black Teflon that Enables Him

Everyone’s commenting on the development of Different and even I have to admit that he appears to be growing into his job.  The change in confidence began when he made the announcement to the Press about the termination of embattled Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; the impromptu conference as he was boarding MAR1.  He looked “presidential” answering questions, not seemingly from an earlier written and arranged script and doing so without flying ad lib as we’ve seen him do previously and recently.  Yet his timely, positional acclimation shouldn’t calm our fears. Let me tell you why.

That’s because no one seems to understand the depths of how low Different is willing to go.  And that’s because no one takes him for his word.  We’ve come to accept his lies as hyperbolic affirmations, choosing to err on the side of comedy rather than tragedy.  On the other hand, we should believe, understand and take literally everything that Different says; every bleeping thing.  Continue reading

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Trump Just Might Be Hitler Incarnate



Truthfully, I was ready to give Trump the benefit of the doubt about his being compared to Adolph Hitler but not anymore; especially not after the latest incident at a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

A Fox News report said that a BlackLivesMatter protester was punched in the face by a white Trump supporter and the only person ejected was the BlackLivesMatter protester. This occurred all in plain view of police (although police say that the officers were looking down at the time. I understand; escorting someone out but not really looking at them, I get it).

Hmmm, it sounds an awful lot like Brownshirt activity to me. Continue reading

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