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Expenditures to Kill For

There exists in America today, a cultural oxymoron, i.e. the war on terror.

More than two words, it’s nevertheless an oxymoron because of the two words used, one, war, is presented in a manner of phrasing to signify its benevolent intent of defeating the evil other-the good war will defeat the bad terror-but in reality they both are the same.  Let’s face it, war IS terror because war is terrible.  War is heartache; war is persecution; war is starvation; war is destruction and war is wrong.  These days though we wield war as if it’s some mythical, benign sword of Gideon or somebody, destined to defeat the evil whatever, wherever it is and at whatever cost.  As we move forward in history and with this new global threat emerging, cost for me becomes the operative word. Continue reading

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