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Looking past the color of our skin

She did just that.

Anytime someone steps up to do the right thing in the face of extreme adversity, it makes you proud to be, well, a human being.  Reading what Deborah Hughes did in Detroit gave me a lump in my throat; I’m not ashamed to admit.  No need for a lot of words to describe it.  Click on the link and I think you’ll feel the same as I do.  Just had to share this.



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And while were at it, demand better from ourselves

In Detroit, a man wakes up in his hospital bed, in critical condition, fighting off phantom attackers. The real ones beat and left him for dead in front of a gas station after a traffic accident.

Unlike the callous hit-and-run drivers that routinely plague the city, 54 year-old Steve Utash did the right thing by stopping to assist young David Harris, after the teen stepped off the curb in front of the truck’s path last Wednesday afternoon. Continue reading

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