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Ego Screwed the Pooch of a Good Chance

As with a lot of breaking news, the Starbucks announcement that it was foregoing its campaign on race-relations entered my psyche first thing in the morning with my radio reveille.  At the time, it brought forth only a simple sigh of resignation that what seemed like a worthy attempt ended in such a quick and angry fashion.

Photo by Julius Schorzman

Photo by Julius Schorzman

The day after though got me to thinking; not all of a sudden but it came to me on the heels of a song.  The Commodore’s record from the late 70’s, Machine Gun, was rocking and it was then that I thought first of the damaging effects of ego.

Freud’s member of the tripartite of the human psyche has tricked up many a good thing on this earth, least of all music.  Listening to the Commodore’s, I remembered how good they were, with a unique and new sound unlike anything heard so far back then.  And then along came ego, Lionel Richie’s to be exact, and the rest shall we say is history.

So what happened with Starbucks, you ask?  Was the potentially, destructive force of ego present there in such a commendable idea as the one presented by CEO, Howard Schultz?  To that I say, most definitely.  The problems began with the announcement.  Continue reading

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