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The Anatomy of a Backache

The first title I came up with was Further Confessions of a Coppertop.  But not wanting to ostensibly wallow in the throes of self-pity too long, I thought better of it.  Not that such self-absorbed retrospection of the type is always a bad thing.  It does provide eventually, hopefully, that springboard from which one can bounce back as much from their physical pain as its emotional partner.  After all, ultimately all questions should be answered in the healing process.

Daddy's little helpers; Motrin 800.  Not to be taken lightly.

Daddy’s little helpers; Motrin 800. Not to be taken lightly.

So here I am on day thirteen of short term disability, having moved on from such self-aggrandizement and there still exists a mix of calm and panic in my mind.  Paperwork for FMLA has been submitted and claims forms have been appropriately faxed bringing a subsequent sense of relief that comes when the first of the hard segments of the whole ordeal has been accomplished.  Remaining however, is an underlying sense of dread as the truly dicey piece of the puzzle, recovery, now has to begin.  That happens once the verdict of diagnosis is in.  Mine was guilty by reason of spondylolisthesis.  Continue reading

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