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Permissive Take on Parenting Giving Away Far Too Much Ground

Would you let your kids play in a lake where this "might" be lurking beneath the suffer?

Would you let your kids play where this “might” be lurking beneath the surface?

And I mean it literally because we’re talking about matters of distance, i.e. too much space between a parent and their children.   This latest incident at the hands of a Florida gator would be mind-boggling enough if it weren’t for the fact that just a few weeks ago, a toddler wandered away from his mother in the Cincinnati Zoo, climbed a wall and fell into a gorilla enclosure.

You remember that episode ended on a “happy” note but was not without its cost.  The tot was rescued, suffering only minor injuries but the ape, a renowned and endangered silverback, had to be euthanized to protect the boy.  In both instances, it illustrates how quickly small distances between a parent and child can become vast expanses with sometimes horribly, tragic results. Continue reading

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