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The Curse of Endorsement


If you watched any ball this Sunday, you may have seen Denver lose their second consecutive game since coming off their bye week.  They are now a troubling 7-2.  Likewise and even worse, you may have noticed that Green Bay seems to be starting some sort of self-destruct sequence at 6-3.  And we won’t even talk about the returning champs, the Seattle Seahawks who at a mediocre 4-5 are kind of stinking up the joint all while a fierce looking Russell Wilson adorned the September 10th issue of a NFL special edition Rolling Stone magazine.

Now that’s three prime-time athletes whose years are slowly turning-or have turned all the way-to doo-doo; especially Peyton Manning.  Some commentators gloomily have him sitting down for the remainder of the season, or worse.  I think about that Nationwide Insurance jingle, the music he’s so fond of, except the words to mine are, “I think he might retire soon”.

There seems to be a trend occurring in the NFL.  It’s more than just a flip-flop or any kind of ‘those who were up are now down’ type of thing; I think it speaks to things more ethereal than that.   It’s alright, scoff but I think that somewhere along the lines, cats forget about the demands of the gridiron.  I think they overlook how quickly one can be taken off his game.  It’s what I call the curse of celebrity athlete endorsement. Continue reading

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Deflategate Smoke-and-Mirrors Obscures Lawsuit Vetting

I was, still am, one of those who thought there was something strange going on, laws of nature and fortune notwithstanding.  But even considering whether the Patriots had turned to the dark side of professional cheating didn’t make me lose sight of the hilarity of the whole thing.  I mean what, squishy balls, come on.

On one hand, it was darkly comical and somewhat risqué.  To watch Bill Belichick on the podium at times uncomfortably relating how much he’d learned about balls showed that even he appreciated the indirect humor as well as the oblique accusations he needed to

College football signed by Gerald Ford, eventual President of the US.

College football signed by Gerald Ford, eventual President of the US. It emits a history and integrity the NFL wants to endure.


On the other, this scandal-in-the-making took off because of the fair play culture of professional sports; that and because it involved a team known to straddle the fence-or cross the line, depending on who you ask-and had been involved in shady doings previously. It was a very pat and convenient situation; almost too pat if you ask me.  It even comes with its own sacrificial lamb willing to take one for the Gipper.

Given this juicy pregame blather, I wondered what was it that the NFL really didn’t want us to look at; especially since this week the whole world had been watching.  And then it came to me.  As Colombo had once implied, it’s not what’s there, it’s what’s not there. Continue reading

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Overlooking Belichick’s Balls

You get an idea of the magnitude of what we’re talking about when you recognize and appreciate the fact that regularly scheduled Saturday afternoon network programming was interrupted to go to breaking news from Bill Belichick concerning what he’d learned in the past week about balls; more precisely, the amount of air inside them and what possibly could lead to the release of such air; real high-end, Physics stuff. Continue reading

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Nobody Expected the Spanish Inquisition

A couple of things are going on in the wake of the NFL/Ray Rice controversy, least of all the decision-making process leading up to the indefinite suspension of the player.  As I watch news broadcasts repeatedly running footage of “the punch”, I’m asking myself when is enough, enough.  How much reporting and reviewing of a couple of minutes of salacious footage do we need to see to get the gist of what occurred?

Adding insult to injury, newsreels are abuzz with discussions on other athletes who beat their wives; as if this is a new phenomenon.  And now, Adrian Peterson is being indicted for spanking his son with a switch.  Maybe it’s me but I’m of a mind that if we continue down this path, the public will begin to see the primary face of domestic violence as being a black one. Continue reading


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NFL concern for female buying power, not DV

As a blogger in today’s fast-paced ever-changing world, you have to be quick out of the gate if you want to add your two cents to the world’s nickel concerns about its dime affairs.  Alas, I was too slow to respond to the initial NFL/Rice decision.  Now, I find myself in the dubious and embarrassing position of having to adjust my thinking (and writing) about the whole thing in light of the NFL’s recent indefinite suspension of the player. Continue reading

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