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Look For the Right Thing

Dorothy McGuire and Gregory Peck in 1947's Gentleman's Agreement.  Spoiler Alert: McGuire's character had hinky issues.

Dorothy McGuire and Gregory Peck in 1947’s Gentleman’s Agreement. Spoiler Alert: McGuire’s character had hinky issues.

I recently for the first time saw the classic movie, Gentleman’s Agreement, starring Gregory Peck, Dorothy McGuire and John Garfield. I thought of the flick when I read of this experiment by Jewish media outlet NRG’s contributor, Zvika Klein.  Like the main character in the film, Klein sought the grass roots, man on the street reaction towards Jews.  Unlike the movie though, he wanted a reaction from a specific group of people; and he got it.  Funny how when you got looking for Antisemitism, you can find it so easily; funny that.    Continue reading

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