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The Pledge is Problematic, Dangerous

Over the weekend, flipping through the channels I came to C-SPAN where they occasionally highlight books by new authors. The new book Saturday was Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering and Racial Division by Crystal Wright.

I asked myself, are black people the only ones that do so?  If the obvious discontent and disapproval of Republican Party members is any indication then it seems such malaise crosses party and racial lines.  Even still, this year the stakes are much higher. Continue reading

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World Peace

First_peace_badgeEver since Miss Congeniality, the words ‘world peace’ haven’t had the same meaning as they had before I watched the funny film. More than an appeal for a cessation of the desire to harm others, ‘world peace’ has morphed into something representing any less-than-heartfelt, mundane or insecure non sequitur; for me, at least. And there were a lot of such encomiums rolling off the tongues of some in last night’s Republican Presidential Debate. Continue reading

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