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Those un-cashable wolf checks Trump has sold America

Let’s be clear; by “America” I mean, white America, unfortunately.  Continue reading

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Constitutional Sheriffs, Papers and a Broken Tail Light



The rule of law: there was a time when it would be no question of exactly what those four words mean.  Now, I’m not so sure; we’re bucking directly up against notions so un-American and un-constitutional that it makes you wonder where ultimately we’ll all end up, especially with an avowed alt-right persona (white supremacist) in a prominent position in the White house.  And conservatives wonder where the comparisons to Hitler and Nazi Germany come from.   Continue reading

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Trump et al Would Be Surprised at How Connected We Are

The Accordion unites us more than we realize

The Accordion unites us more than some realize

The local gas utility had been hammering the entire day along the block, even when I arrived home from work.  They kept that up until maybe 7 so that the subsequent quiet was appreciated and thorough.  You know how it is when you’ve had noise all day only to have it shushed and the absence of sound creates an auditory void in your world.

That’s why it was surprising that around 1030 we heard music outside our bedroom window, loud music; right around the time we’re trying to go to sleep.  My first reaction was frankly WTF, you’ve got to be kidding me, especially after the raucous day we’d had earlier.  Lying there though and music being what it is, the tune began to permeate through me and next thing I know, my foot is tapping.   I think it was Mexican conjunto and I thought almost immediately that if Trump has his way come November, such sounds may not be heard for much longer. Continue reading

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Identifying True Tyranny, Recognizing Real Terrorists

Make no mistake; this is how it all begins, how it all goes so horribly wrong so quickly.

We saw it first with the knowledge promoted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative; information that was simply too much and too one-sided.  It’s a peddled sentience based on our fear of not only what we don’t understand but also on the warped and violent actions of an insane “few” who’re bent on America’s downfall.  Some use such individuals as catalysts to promote their personal agendas of hate and intolerance.

It’s a knowledge that instead of calming the masses and promoting togetherness does just the opposite and ignites our differences and exposes our innermost fears and prejudices.  It endorses ideas that are too far off the beaten, true and calm path and props up philosophies that truly can’t stand up to the muster of the basic ideals of this land we call America.  But that doesn’t seem to stop them from trying. Continue reading

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