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The Misappropriation of Christ

religiousfreedomstampI believe in God but I don’t want God all up in my government.

At first read, you’d think I was a backsliding sinner with nary a clue of what it means to be a moral person or Christian.  You’d think that without the emphasis on and the unswerving spiritual direction that God provides would doom an administration down a path of destruction, hate, evil and sin.  If you thought that, you’d be mistaken.  That’s because I believe God is already present and a factor in government as long as men behave compassionately towards their fellow man; a subtle, guiding hand lending itself to decisions based on decency and responsibility.    However, too much is definitely not a good thing.  Continue reading

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The Nationalization of NIMBY



In a flurry of frenetic and at times confusing action, President Trump in his first week of office has signed more than a dozen Executive Orders, taking pen directly to paper in an attempt to jump start the new policies of his administration.  One I think has been grossly overlooked; which is surprising because he did in fact run his movement on the promise of such change.

Maybe it’s because in the wishy-washy, broken and amended word environment of a presidential campaign, many perhaps thought it was a directive more implied than stated explicitly; more wish list than any actual doctrine. But now, he’s put pen to paper and those words are producing dreadful action.  It’s partisan and presidential-more reaction, in fact than action-politically induced and motivated by populist fear and ignorance. Continue reading

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