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The Anatomy of an Apprehension: or. From Person to Perpetrator in 60 Seconds

Living in the city, you have the unfortunate occasion to witness a range of police activity; car stops, car chases, chases on foot and the resulting apprehensions.  I remember one instance from a few years back.  The police had been chasing the suspect, possibly for some low level drug offense.  I’d seen the chase, already in progress, round a corner from a block away.  The man, tired from his running, had given up, gotten on his knees with his hands up.

Now, I’m in a second floor apartment in the front bedroom which overlooked the street below; directly over the kneeling man.  I watched as the police ran up behind him, kicked him in the back of the head, kneed him in the back of the neck as he went down face first into the concrete and proceeded to twist his arms behind his back, cuffing him, before pulling him up by his cuffs to stand and be led away.

I remember thinking then that, damn that has to hurt, being manhandled like that with your limbs moving at angles they weren’t necessarily intended to.  Many will say it’s warranted and if you can’t do “the time” then don’t do the crime.  However, in this current environment of police interventions gone horribly wrong, such a simplistic characterization is misleading; especially as any one of us at any given time could wind up in similar circumstances.  Continue reading

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