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Chip: The Dark Soul of O’Reilly, Fox News and its effect on the 🐘

Say the words, the old white man with the chip on his shoulder. It rolls off the tongue like classical literature, something reminiscent of The Old Man and the Sea.  And like the Hemingway story, the tale of the Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes and Fox News decades-long partnership could endure in similar fashion except it would evoke dark images of reprisal, corruption, bitterness and jealousy.

That’s because the main thing the newsman has wrought upon us, his biggest contribution to society left in his wake is his counterculture, dismissive and hateful viewpoint, fed to us in the guise of no-spin, no bull shit discussion.

As reported in Media Matters, “Fox News Bill O’Reilly has helped set the bar for the normalization and dissemination of right-wing hatred…” And, it’s that same coziness with the alt-right that now threatens to bring everything crashing to the ground.  The problem is Ailes, O’Reilly and others still at Fox forgot something about the hateful demographic they were trying to invigorate and seeking to control; and that is that it will get under your skin and become a part of you. Continue reading

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Trump Trying Hard to Look Super-Duper


A few weeks ago, soon after the first prime-time Republican debate, Rachel Maddow alluded that the then-relationship between Donald Trump and Fox News was much like the relationship between Victor Frankenstein and his monster.  You’ll recall this was around the time Trump was going berserk, attacking Megan Kelly and generally being combative to practically everyone while he separated himself from the elephant pack.

Since then, Donald has softened; on the one hand I’m sure in attempts to try to look more presidential but also in efforts to refrain from biting the hand that will ultimately feed him.  Trump, like the monster of legend, recognizes his ‘father’ which explains his early attacks on the network.

Had he continued, and especially if he continues along that path then yes, he truly is the embodiment of the creepy creature.  These days though as he mellows and woos, Trump is more like Peter Boyle than Boris Karloff.

Putting On the Ritz

These days Trump is a top-hatted and tuxedoed man about town courting many to gain acceptance.  He’s backed off attacking his fellow constituents, except Jeb who he feels is his most likely opponent, in hopes of assimilating into the conservative mindset more than he already is.

He sees himself, just like the Brook’s comedic conception, as a veritable god amongst men (he’s rich-something he reminds us of all the time), particularly after being propped up for so many years by papa Fox.  It’s only after daddy, in the form of Fox News president Roger Ailes publicly chastised him for his rampage that he regrouped, reconsidered and began taking steps to re-assimilate into the fold.

No matter; Trump is still dramatically more dangerous than his other party hopefuls, just like the round-headed creation of Brooks, if taken in real life, is ultimately more dangerous than flat-topped Frankie.  That’s because Young Trump is assimilating into the nation’s consciousness; he’s stirring the pot and gaining allies.  And just like the Boyle character, in due course he’ll begin to sire others in his party, creating little Donald-like clones with equal delusions of grandeur and intolerant thinking.

The best hope for America is that like both tragic creations, Trump will fail because when all is said and done, we won’t appreciate his difference; and it’s the difference that Donald wants us to recognize, and the difference the only true reason he sees himself as presidential fodder.

It’s a difference made up purely of dollars and cents and nothing that amounts to anything substantially significant when it comes to staking a claim on being ready and able to handle the role of President of the United States. Once America sees that they’ll recognize finally that Trump’s no Gary Cooper.  Looks nothing like him.

Image from CNN Money

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A Family Affair

America, the peeping Tom, was at it again, insinuating herself directly into the lives of an ordinary family and turning their personal world upside down.   Such is life for the Dolezals these days; like they say, to be a fly on their wall during Thanksgiving Dinner.  For me, even with all the questions about self-identity and race, what I see at its core is a family in turmoil with some past issues and had we left them to their own devices, things may have worked themselves out eventually.  Alas, that was before we all got involved and started putting our two cents in. Continue reading

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Worth by way of Zen

You ever notice how when you mention worth, or rather self-worth specifically, there are those who’ll feel that such an acquired sentiment means you’re an uppity person?  You ever notice how those feelings ride alongside issues of color and caste; mindsets reminiscent of earlier days when plantations were the big businesses of the time?  Ironically, you’ll find that same combination of social ingredients-background, status and race-perturbing members of today’s workforce.  It does the same to employees today what it did to slaves back then.  It robs them of their self-worth.  Continue reading

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Workplace Bullying Hasn’t Gone Anywhere

It’s a problem of perception.  Unfortunately, in the case of those operating under the thumb of a workplace bully, how they perceive they’re being treated doesn’t usually mean much in the scheme of things, aka the workplace environment.

That’s probably what Fox News producer Phillip Perea felt as he angrily tweeted and posted his outrage on Twitter and YouTube.  Unfortunately, he unfurled his growing disdain and bitterness towards an inappropriate target, himself.

Continue reading

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