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Since the murder of George Floyd, the country’s undergone a significant change. Massive, diverse protests have filled the streets in America and globally, calling for an end to police brutality and racism in all its forms.

May 31, a George Floyd protest in Cardiff Wales. Photo by Matthew Horwood, Getty Images


Shrines to a bigoted, uneven, and in some cases, patently false history are being torn down. National monuments are coming under fire about their true antiquity while sports teams are having to rethink the significance of their logos, names and mascots.

Seven Sports Teams Who’ve Changed their Names due to Racist Origins

Outwardly, people are finally examining what it means to be a black person or minority in America. And in many cases, that degree of introspection is visibly painful. Nevertheless, it’s occurring, despite Trump attempts to label #BLM a terrorist organization. Still, if meaningful police reform was and still is the goal of all this then the goal is visibly slipping away. Can it be reclaimed? Can we continue to harness, and more importantly nourish, this positive sway of worldwide solidarity we’ve been experiencing? The short answer is yes but we have to start chewing our food better. Continue reading

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What’s the plan?

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

 Aldous Huxley

I had talked myself into thinking that writing this was unnecessary and that Trump just might be mellowing and trying to put together some sort of cohesive campaign here during these last few months; still crazy but quieter and less volatile.  I prayed that his devotees would mellow also.  Then, I read about two Muslims shot in the head after Saturday prayer and I realize that my initial thought is still the same; as much as Trump is a problem, he’s not the biggest problem.  That distinction falls on his followers.  So now I’m right back where the bleep I started, wanting to ask Republicans a simple question.  What’s the plan?  Continue reading

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