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Pride, a bike ride and the veiled threat of isolation

Man is the quintessential builder. Oftentimes, when seeking what he might see to be a greater good, he’ll destroy something that’s otherwise beneficial; maybe even necessary.  Men, mountains or ideas are all subject to the sacrificial block if it’s determined that either stands in the way of attaining that higher ideal, that bigger profit or that better way of doing things; even if “things” means only becoming better at being ourselves.

CDC photo of Ebola virus

CDC photo of Ebola virus

I’d like to think that Kaci Hickox is looking at such a bigger picture when she takes her defiant stand against the government; one that’s being painted by her concerns about the seemingly cavalier abolishment of civil liberties and the use of unlawful detentions.  But the conflict arises from the fact that Maine Gov. Paul LePage is looking at the same big picture, only he sees his in a different way.  His landscape illustrates his responsibility for the safety of the entire state of Maine along with the confidence its citizens have in their state’s ability to protect them in times of dire crisis.

So, whose greater good here is the greatest good that should be upheld? Continue reading

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First Person Disparities: Confessions of a discarded coppertop

An energy source for work to be done.  The Matrix wasn't that far off.

An energy source for work to be done. The Matrix wasn’t that far off.

I’ve been thinking about disparities recently.  If you’re wondering why I’ve been wondering why; it’s because of two reasons.  First, it’s because these days I exist in the dark, lonely drawer of short-term disability.  As I ponder how I managed to wind up here, I recognize it’s because I’m a human resource, like many of us; a gear maintaining a load for this company or that one.

And as with any resource, I will be used to the fullest extent required for the efficient running of the machine I’m attached to. After which, when I can no longer function according to my specifications, I will be summarily discarded.  Or, if I can be repaired, I’ll go to the shop for modifications; hence the short term disability. Continue reading

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