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The Tone of Self-Sacrifice

You know the ABC television reality series, What Would You Do? well I’m not a big fan of the show.  It’s not that I dislike it; I don’t really.  It intrigues me on the one hand but troubles me on the other.  I mean, the premise is keen; prompting people to do the right thing, always, every day as ordinary, and extraordinary, circumstances dictate.  And we’ve seen some harrowing, albeit fabricated, situations unfold.  And I think that’s where my trouble lies.

That it forces people to consider whether their actions are proper or not is a good thing and God knows the world needs more of such prodding.  But manipulating the mind of society isn’t as easy as all that.  Who’s to say that people, watching it every week and knowing the show exists aren’t reacting a certain way when given the chance with expectations of being a star for a few seconds.  Keep in mind that everyone wants to be the good person who does the proper, Christian thing.

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