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Faces of Responsibility

In the past, I’ve commented on the plight of black teens and men with invisible bullseyes on their bodies; targets crying out for acquisition that seemingly only the police can see. But I don’t know if I can keep doing so.

That’s because there are two worlds existing simultaneously in the black community; the world of the predator and the world of prey. And like all humans, blacks are no different in that they exist in both of those environments, at times performing the functions of one or reconciling the actions of the other. Continue reading

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The Unfortunate and Lazy Absurdity of #BlackLivesMatter

Hillary Clinton said it best when she asked, “What do we do next?”  My problem and it shouldn’t only be mine, stems from the fact that it’s Hillary Clinton asking the question; a virtual outsider and not one who knows the movements of the black communities as #BLM protesters do, or should.

It illustrates a sticking point about the whole agenda of the demonstration; this reckoning of whether or not #BlackLivesMatter should be concerned with the frequency of inner city violence, black-on-black crime, and whether or not such violence has anything to do with police shootings of unarmed African Americans.  The absurdity not only comes in thinking that the two are in no way connected but also in the idea that you can ignore what’s happening.  Continue reading

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