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Black History Month: Still an American Requisite

12670207_1311855645497686_4492696415729162499_nAnother Black History Month has come and gone.  This year though I noticed something that to me epitomizes the spirit of the need for the month. It came in the form of a newscast.

Eleven year old Jeremie Bordua, Jr. lives in Lansing Michigan and instead of a birthday party for himself, asked his folks to throw a Thank You party for the local police force. They said yes and Jeremie threw a bash that had law enforcement coming from across the country to attend and according to a story in the Washington Post, left few dry eyes once things kicked off. Continue reading

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A Divine Funny

I’m going to characterize it like this; it should be obvious that God has a sense of humor.  What is it that makes me make such a bold, theological pronouncement, you ask?  Why, only because the poster boy for the month of February for the Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Team Calendar is none other than Riley Cooper, I’d answer. Continue reading

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