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Applying for naturalization

I read the account of the beating of Bakari Henderson and the first thing I thought of was Poland, so eager to wave the Confederate flag in honor of Trump’s arrival.  I wondered at the time if they recognized the significance of what they were doing.  Did they understand that many would see it as though the Polish Right were telling a segment of the American extremist Right, yeah, we know what you wanted to do and together, we’ll take it as far as you want it to go?  None in the Republican Party found that too troubling. Continue reading

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Faces of Responsibility

In the past, I’ve commented on the plight of black teens and men with invisible bullseyes on their bodies; targets crying out for acquisition that seemingly only the police can see. But I don’t know if I can keep doing so.

That’s because there are two worlds existing simultaneously in the black community; the world of the predator and the world of prey. And like all humans, blacks are no different in that they exist in both of those environments, at times performing the functions of one or reconciling the actions of the other. Continue reading

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Fantasy, Betrayal & Recognizing Fake News

Do you ever ask yourself what is it that’s driving all that’s happening in the country right now? The honeymoon is over but like many married couples, the parties’ involved-voters and Republican leadership-seem to be stuck on staying together despite all indications that they should part ways immediately.  It’s like the man that cheats on a beautiful woman who constantly forgives him and even worse, loves him deeply still.  You ask yourself; how can that be so?  I think the overriding factor that’s driving this particular illusion of satisfaction, complacency and success is nothing more than denial and we’ll continue to be under its influence until the nation’s Republican voters draw some hard conclusions.  Continue reading

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People vs. the President, Chaos and the New World Order


Who knows in four years?

Who knows in four years?

“…You been slipping into darkness, pretty soon you gonna pay.”


As much as I’m afraid-dubious, skeptical, worried, take your pick-of all that’s occurred so far in this short span of Trump’s administration, something went down that was even more troubling and systemic of where we could wind up eventually.  It illustrated exactly how we shouldn’t be acting in protest or defiance of all that our newly-elected President has put forth.  If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about the recent demonstration on the campus of UC Berkeley. Continue reading

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The Nationalization of NIMBY



In a flurry of frenetic and at times confusing action, President Trump in his first week of office has signed more than a dozen Executive Orders, taking pen directly to paper in an attempt to jump start the new policies of his administration.  One I think has been grossly overlooked; which is surprising because he did in fact run his movement on the promise of such change.

Maybe it’s because in the wishy-washy, broken and amended word environment of a presidential campaign, many perhaps thought it was a directive more implied than stated explicitly; more wish list than any actual doctrine. But now, he’s put pen to paper and those words are producing dreadful action.  It’s partisan and presidential-more reaction, in fact than action-politically induced and motivated by populist fear and ignorance. Continue reading

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