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A New Booty Standard

It’s funny the things you happen to think about when you first see or hear something.  When I saw that Jennifer Lopez was trending and watched her video on YouTube, I thought about my mom, strangely enough.

When I was young boy, I’d sometimes hear my mom make a statement about this young woman or that one, we’d see out on the street, “Look at the hind parts on that child there”.  She’d say this somewhat under her breath and when I’d ask her what she said, she always replied telling me to stop being so nosy, as parents do when they’ve said something they don’t want their children to hear them say.

Oh, but I heard it alright and it stuck with me.  So much so that when my dad and I would be out alone and I’d see the same young lady, I’d say to him, “there goes that girl with the hind parts”.  So you can say that I learned to know booty from a very young age.  And Jennifer still has booty, at 45 years old.

I’m not at all surprised; that a middle-aged woman can still be considered attractive, vibrant, wanted and sexy.  Hell, they’re some senior women out there that are bad as hell, trust me on that.   Still, I remember her when she really had butt; all kinds of butt, butt for days.  Hers was the butt standard for the world.  Like troubadours and minstrels of centuries past, peeps were out there making songs about Jennifer Lopez’s backside.

But, as many women do, she lost some weight and with it went some of her butt.  Damn a Brazilian Butt Lift!  But let me be clear on this, she’s Jennifer Lopez and she’s only going to lose butt so much.  And God gave her more than her share to be able to give some away and still look fine as all get out.

So, I won’t celebrate her latest video mainly because I’ve seen the classic from Back in the day.  There’ll probably be some out there maybe saying that she used to have a big booty but I won’t go that far.  I’ll never put down any woman doing something positive for herself, like losing weight she wants to lose and I hope my comments concerning what are really my preferences aren’t taken as such.

I’ll just hold on to those memories and be glad she stopped when she did.

YouTube video from JenniferLopezVevo

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S.O.L.: A Dystopian Society? The Time is now

Read a review of Divergent and it got me thinking about new-age civilizations, good and bad.

It could be argued then that we’ve been living in a dystopian society for quite some time now.  But compared to what?  Even during the years when Orwell, Huxley and Harrison were penning their works, things were quietly, yet judiciously, going to pot.

Back then, progress in the way of technological advances was making it easier for men to not only kill his fellowman but also to heal him.  Eventually war, that messy, costly endeavor took a decidedly mild yet sinister turn and became something a bit more sneakily antiseptic, yet no less costly.

Today, despite the fact that none of us is leading the dazzling fictitious existence of a genetically altered superhuman the likes depicted in any futuristic tale, things are no less wrong out there.

We’re still pigeon-holed into this category or that one. However today, economics, education, labor and income do the jobs that would’ve been accomplished by some sinister ultramodern cabal.

Homelessness and the corresponding apathy regarding it run rampant in America and in other countries.

War, bloody and active, has replaced its cold counterpart and threatens to engulf every nation on the globe.

Cities are rapidly becoming police states where the right to take a human life is determined by whoever is the last man standing.

We already have living zombies attacking unsuspecting citizens, new age drugs turning folk into the undead and prehistoric diseases reanimating themselves to possibly wreak their Neolithic havoc in this new millennium.

When you add it all up and lay it out, it seems like the stuff of novel fantasy, but it’s not; it’s real.  And that probably makes it a little harder to swallow, especially since none of us is endowed with anything extracurricular or extraordinary.   But that’s the good thing.  Now we have to do something to change it instead of just reading about it.  We, simple humans that we are, are going to have to make the difference.

Compared to WhatLyrics

Les McCann and Eddie Harris at Montreux, a You Tube presentation from VinylVinnie60.  See more of his videos here.

Other music:  Compared to What?, Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, Closer to It (1973).


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S.O.L. – Use the Power of Lyrical Truth


Kind words and a real good heart

Doesn’t mean you get respect

Kind words and a real good heart

Doesn’t mean you get the best


It doesn’t mean they won’t get brutal

It doesn’t mean they won’t assault you…

Joan Armatrading-Sleight of Hand (1986

Sometimes, songs you hear carry a whole lot more weight than what the words say on the surface.  This didn’t come from me.  This thought came from, well, maybe I should lay it out for you what happened.

Joan was singing when I started out this morning, her song and lyrics at the top of the page.  Listening, I was taken aback by the veracity of what she was crooning.  But that’s nothing new for me; I expect music to inspire one to something other than a booty call.

At work, the FedEx delivery person was arriving, so I asked her about Joan and had she heard of the tune.  Maybe it’s my years-I don’t know why-but I find it hard to judge a person’s age these days, especially women.  Trust me, it’s gotten me into more hot water than a little bit.

Anyway, the young lady-got to find out her name-told me she was just a young thing during Joan’s heyday, but her Mom probably had heard of her.  Feeling primordial, I supposed that was so.  On her way out, she surprised me by saying that songs back then had all sorts of underlying meanings to them.

And she’s right in that artists today are explicit and “put it out there”.  It’s true, but where’s my inspiration, I wonder?  In years past songs did what music has done down through the centuries.  They not only entertained but they also stimulated, challenged, shamed or wheedled society to action on fronts that she hitherto before was skeptical or outright afraid to act upon.

I can’t help but think that today’s musicians are missing a golden opportunity; one that would take their craft to another dimension, where it would then be a catalyst for social change, again.  I mean, there’s a lot of stuff wrong with what’s going on, right?


Absentee-activist Eric Snowden spoke to attendees of SXSW the other day, imploring technophiles to assist in correcting the mistakes of the NSA surveillance program.

The problem is coming from him and the likes of Julian Assange, another festival headliner, such talk is cheap, almost cut-rate mainly because a large portion of the public just won’t listen to the two.  But, if you really want to get people’s attention about the NSA, write some music about it.

Hell, I know there’s a song in there, someplace just waiting to get out.

Source: Joan Armatrading – Kind Words (and A Real Good Heart) lyrics taken from  MetroLyrics; Videos uploaded from YouTube.


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Soundtracks of Our Lives – Get Thine House in Order

You know in the MIB series, there’s always some reference to the fact that not only is man not alone in the universe, he also inhabits only a very, very small part of it.

I think of that as we prepare for another bout with Mother Nature; with a lot of us probably feeling a whole heck of a lot smaller and insignificant than anything that’ll fit inside a locker at your Greyhound bus station. adventures of astral pirates

So as we run around for supplies and get ready to dig ourselves out of another of the Grand Dame’s lessons, it might be a good time to reflect on who and what we truly are, in the scheme of things, as opposed to what we’d like to think we are.  Let’s face it; man has always had a high opinion of himself.

The old folks would say to get our house in order for those last days in time. I’m not going to profess such doom-and-gloom but current events do make you think twice about such things.

Listening to some tunes today, there were a few that marked a tone of readiness, reconciliation, love and tolerance; along with questions of who we are and what are we doing here.  I’d like to share them with you.

The first is a remake of an old classic from the Chambers Brothers, redone by Maceo Parker on his Roots Revisited CD.  “People Get Ready” is still the admonition to prepare that it was over thirty years ago.  Whether or not the warning was heeded back in the sixties is open for debate but the song remains a caution that, in spite of all that history has shown us, will probably largely remain ignored today.

Lenny White’s “Universal Love” sings to the love of the family of man, and other beings.  From the Adventures of Astral Pirates, the song speaks to the need for collaboration and compromise, as well as the recognition of how the gift of family can assist in all of man’s endeavors.

The last song for this installment, “Milky Way” is by Marcus Miller from his CD entitled simply, Marcus.  I like Milky Way because it suggests that maybe we’re not originally from here.  It appeals to the sci-fi buff in me, alluding to the possibility that there is something out there much greater than us or anything here on earth and that maybe soon, they’ll (or he) come back to fix the problems we’ve created and just in general, give us a hand to straighten things out.

That sounds a lot like hope to me, and that’s not a bad thing.

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