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Applying for naturalization

I read the account of the beating of Bakari Henderson and the first thing I thought of was Poland, so eager to wave the Confederate flag in honor of Trump’s arrival.  I wondered at the time if they recognized the significance of what they were doing.  Did they understand that many would see it as though the Polish Right were telling a segment of the American extremist Right, yeah, we know what you wanted to do and together, we’ll take it as far as you want it to go?  None in the Republican Party found that too troubling. Continue reading

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The Cows of Immigration

One of the rules of thumb for bloggers is, don’t be cute; especially when it comes to creating a title.  Although I was listening, I have to confess my recalcitrant disinclination to follow the pro’s advice.  What can I say; whimsy gets the better of me.  Except, in this case I do have a point to make.  In this case, the cows are the illegal immigration argument that has been so prevalent for these past two administrations, all the way back to George W. Bush.  And now, many will reap what was sewn by that stance as the cows come back home to the barn where the law, as imperfect, unforgiving and unbalanced it is, resides.  And from here on, there could be many more a broken heart. Continue reading

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Constitutional Sheriffs, Papers and a Broken Tail Light



The rule of law: there was a time when it would be no question of exactly what those four words mean.  Now, I’m not so sure; we’re bucking directly up against notions so un-American and un-constitutional that it makes you wonder where ultimately we’ll all end up, especially with an avowed alt-right persona (white supremacist) in a prominent position in the White house.  And conservatives wonder where the comparisons to Hitler and Nazi Germany come from.   Continue reading

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Programming Centurions and those they serve: A telling statement about the indoctrination of America


When something is enjoyable, it’s fairly easy that the same something could quickly become a national pastime.  From there and over time, it’d also be easy for that something to insinuate itself into the people’s consciousness especially if folks really find it enjoyable.

It’d be funny and something we’d laugh at, especially if it aired on a “Family Guy” episode-you know we love that sh*t-if not for the underlying serious, current and lethal component of authenticity.  Yet, the recent hands up and prone shooting of behavior therapist Charles Kinsey was yet another example of excessive force against African-Americans and a very significant one.

In what is becoming typical fashion, we see how the mechanisms of denial have begun to do their work.  The incident, despite the short-lived outrage, will be dutifully and unceremoniously forgotten.  We see it happening already.  Soon all that will be left is the concern of friends and family worried about his recuperation.  In this case, they’re buoyed by the fact that Kinsey survived with only a gunshot wound to the leg.  Maybe that’s why we’ve made no connection to the obvious. Continue reading

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What’s next for Black Lives Matter?

Photo by Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA

Photo by Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA

They’re three words in the simplest of sentences; an adjective, a noun as a subject and a verb.  They were supposed to make people aware of the sanctity of all life, particularly African-Americans.  They were introduced because blacks were the ones mostly being killed by police and the words Black Lives Matter were intended to be a reminder to law enforcement of their pledge to protect all citizens.  Yet over the course of just a few years, the words have managed to alienate many and effectively become something of a battle cry rallying the nation’s police forces against the movement, in expectations of violent insurrection.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

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