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The Same Bolt of Cloth

I don’t know how it happened.  I just looked up and all of a sudden, here I am.  I’m that guy in that commercial.  Damn!

I can’t even remember the drugs advertised and maybe it’s for the best, too.  These days, as quickly as they push something they say helps a particular ailment, in the next breath they’re promoting a lawyer that can sue for the perceived and expected harm that the drug has caused.  So far, so good though; I haven’t seen such cautionary prohibitive appeals for Diabetes.

Learn about the American Diabetes Association’s African-American Initiatives

A few years back, I read something of interest about the prevalence of Type I Diabetes, formerly called juvenile, among members of the African-American community.  We’re 1.7 times more likely to have it than non-white Hispanics and today, 13.2% of African-Americans over the age of 20 have been diagnosed with the disease.  But what they were talking about then was this sneaky, easy-to-slip-into condition known as prediabetes.

All About Prediabetes   Spanish version

Certain risk factors determine if you’re more susceptible to prediabetes.  These include being African-American, Asian-American, Native American, Pacific Islander or Hispanic/Latino, over the age of 45 years old, have a family history of diabetes, being overweight and sedentary, have high blood pressure or taking meds for it, had diabetes during pregnancy, have low HDL cholesterol or have contracted PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

According to the American Diabetes Association, you can have Prediabetes and not know it because there are no clear symptoms associated with it.  One develops prediabetes before type II diabetes when their blood glucose levels rise to a level higher than normal but not so high as to be classified as fully having the ailment.

Personally, my trouble started by not going to the gym as much as I’d done in the past after my back injury; that and a life-long love affair with all things chocolate.  Thinking about my many misadventures with Entenmann’s Chocolate Fudge Cake (don’t ask and I won’t tell); I add some slight hypertension to the mix and all in all, I’m nothing but a big walking risk factor.

And the point is, so too are many of us; we’re all cut from that same bolt of cloth.  Doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs, actors, athletes; it makes no difference Any of us can fall victim to prediabetes if we’re not careful.  All it takes is a little mismanagement; a couple more scoops of ice cream, that extra slice of chocolate cake.  And before you know it; you’re that guy or that girl and wondering how in the hell you got to where you are.

If you’re over 45, get a blood test to check your sugar levels to be sure!

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The Displaced Farmer: Hunting, Gathering & Going to Pot

I’d have to place the following under the category of, “And now for something completely different”…

It was Saturday morning.  The clocks had been set ahead returning to Eastern Standard Time which unofficially and non-chronologically marked the beginning of the feel of spring.  Still, here in the Mid-Atlantic region 7b, with all the unspring-like weather we’d been having, it became at the time what to do while waiting to plant; and I did want to wait to plant.  The answer: prepare. Continue reading

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The Beat


What is the beat? It’s not so much that no one really knows what the beat is. It’s more likely that they don’t appreciate or expect its existence. When it arrives if it even does, it comes as a total but welcome surprise. As you can probably tell when it doesn’t manifest itself; that bad things occur when the beat doesn’t, well, beat.

Define the beat: The Beat is that pervasive and hasty moment in our lives that offers us another look, another opportunity to do any number of things hopefully better. The beat is situational; occurring across a wide spectrum of human everyday life activities and emotions. Continue reading

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Perhaps

The moment I first saw the commercial I loved it.  It was a Zen moment because I realized I don’t have to look at this to relate; I’ve lived it.  What’s more, the fact that it even aired means that maybe now the topic isn’t as taboo as it used to be, perhaps?  I mean, it’s not every day that you broach the topic of snoring with horrendous sounds coming out of a pretty woman’s mouth.  We are truly becoming enlightened. Continue reading

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I don’t do sneaky.

At its least, Sneaky is underhanded and conniving.  Sneaky is shifty; sneaky is shady.  Sneaky forces one to travel along the hallway with their back against the wall hoping to escape any unforeseen thrown knives.  Sneaky can be calculating but isn’t overly smart.  If it was it would recognize the futility of its selfish ways and appreciate the need of building lasting relationships with others.  Nevertheless, sneaky is smooth, covert and able to insinuate itself into all facets of our lives.

At its worst eventually, sneaky turns into something else entirely.  At the other extreme, sneaky is dangerous; it’s dastardly.  Already perpetually angry, sneaky becomes slightly sociopathic and utterly ruthless.  It incorporates and uses the darkest nature of all of its attributes.  If it goes this far then sneaky has probably began to show its true face and in that way become something truly scary.  That’s when we finally discover that sneaky is evil.  And that’s when we start to worry if we’ve made our discovery too late.

Don’t do sneaky; don’t do angry.

Rather, do thoughtful, pensive; anxious, even.  Do shy, reserved, compassionate and understanding.  Do forthright yet unimposing; challenging yet deferential. Do patriotic yet tolerant; prejudiced yet open-minded.  Do conservative yet not extreme; liberal but not wacky.   Do generous but not extravagant; especially with money or resources that don’t belong to you.  Do cautious but not fearful; brave yet not reckless or stupid.   Do learned but not snobbish; educated but not boorish.  Do love not hate; make peace not war.


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