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America’s Crossroads

Question: Do the recent happenings across the globe and in America, as well as the 2016 presidential campaign, leave you feeling troubled, with a sense of impending doom?

These days it’s as if we’re all in some sort of novella; something akin to Koontz or King that tells the tale of the world’s gradual, yet undeniable, unraveling.  Mankind is the McGuffin, or rather a safe world that all mankind can reside harmoniously in, is the McGuffin.  Our mutual survival is the endgame of the story being written right now. Continue reading

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Trump et al Would Be Surprised at How Connected We Are

The Accordion unites us more than we realize

The Accordion unites us more than some realize

The local gas utility had been hammering the entire day along the block, even when I arrived home from work.  They kept that up until maybe 7 so that the subsequent quiet was appreciated and thorough.  You know how it is when you’ve had noise all day only to have it shushed and the absence of sound creates an auditory void in your world.

That’s why it was surprising that around 1030 we heard music outside our bedroom window, loud music; right around the time we’re trying to go to sleep.  My first reaction was frankly WTF, you’ve got to be kidding me, especially after the raucous day we’d had earlier.  Lying there though and music being what it is, the tune began to permeate through me and next thing I know, my foot is tapping.   I think it was Mexican conjunto and I thought almost immediately that if Trump has his way come November, such sounds may not be heard for much longer. Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Care Who Wins Oscar

It’s a volatile mix, politics and Hollywood.  And I don’t think the jury is in with a verdict that when the two do get together, it’s a barrel of laughs for everyone, or even necessary.  I’m remembering the McCarthy era, a period that stifled, or outright killed the careers of some noted names in the arts.  Maybe that’s why I’m thinking of Goodfella’s, or more so a line from the movie.

It comes from Ray Liotta after his character and Jimmy (Robert DeNiro) find out Tommy (Joe Pesci) was killed.  Henry remarks, “It was between the Italians, it was real greaseball shit.”   We substitute actors for Italians and Hollywood for greaseball and we’re right on target with the number one reason why we as consumers should stay the hell out of the whole thing.  In other words leave Hollywood to itself. Continue reading

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The Necessity of White Power

Historical Shackles

Historical Shackles worn by slaves. Maybe we’re still wearing them and just don’t know it.

I read a news story online about an Oregon college’s plan to have a “Whiteness History Month” later this spring.  CBS News reports that interim President of Portland Community College Sylvia Kelley stated the school viewed the upcoming events as a “part of a larger national conversation about race and social justice on America’s college campuses.”  Like they say, it sounds real good on paper. Continue reading


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Embracing my inner Grinch


I’ll be the first to tell anyone that I can be a bit “grinchey” over the holidays.  It’s nothing really; recalcitrance.   At the same time, I get all misty-eyed when either a Charlie Brown Christmas comes on TV or, as was the case the other night, A Miracle of 34th Street, the 1947 version with Edmund Gwenn.

Something’s make us look past the joy of the holidays and focus on what’s wrong or becoming wrong with the day.  Watching the movie the other night I heard something that sort of sharpened my attention. Continue reading


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