About Ben: Reboot Truth

The one constant that has always been there for us is the truth.  It was our reward for our efforts of painstaking reasoning and deduction.  A pseudo-shield against evil and hate, it aided us to better understand each other, even as we faltered and bickered and killed ourselves along the way.  The truth was the product of man’s scholarship, integrity and resolution.  It was inescapable and irrefutable; that is, until now.

Who could have ever imagined that lies would become so acceptable, and on such a grand scale?  Star-struck, Americans are becoming lazy; too indifferent to discern, too sleepy to spot the obvious and way too lackadaisical to be worried.  We’re not grasping the gravity of the situation.  The rule of law is slipping away from us even now, it’s disregard flaunted at the highest levels of government.  It’s simple.  Citizens either begin to do the math again, or society as we’ve become used to it, will end.  I’m just saying…

4 responses to “About Ben: Reboot Truth

  1. I think your writing style is excellent.

  2. My apologies for off topic comment, but would you be so kind as to email me so that I have your email address. Re: dialogue we were having. thepublicblogger@zoho.com. That would be great. – KP

  3. I still can’t figure out what you are ‘just sayin’??

    • Exactly what is it you can’t figure out? My politics? trust me, they’re varied. As much as I’m liberal in some things, I’m conservative in others. Is that what you meant? If it’s “About Ben” and what the blog is then it’s what it said it is. The thoughts of everyday affairs from an ordinary, everyday man, without the politico-mumbo jumbo. I’m like the black Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes, if only in my dreams. Again, please holler back and keep it moving; I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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