Point of New World Order

point of order – A claim made by a senator from the floor that a rule of the Senate is being violated. If the chair sustains the point of order, the action in violation of the rule is not permitted.

Glossary of the United States Senate

We heard that a lot for a bit, with the total replay that is cable news.  Democrats repeatedly called for points of order during the Strzok hearings, challenging the procedure, usually on the heels of seemed personal attacks or other unfounded allegations of “Deep State” or other fanciful intrusions.

Frankly, the Republican claim that the FBI is part of a “deep state” should be considered in the light in which it’s been offered; a ludicrous attempt to immunize a president from political and criminal harm; a president they’re not even sure of how deep his involvement in Russian election meddling goes. 

That fact hasn’t stalled their misguided willingness to jeopardize the Union by allowing him to smear the agencies needed to protect it.  It’s a detail that should speak volumes but so far, hasn’t resounded enough to matter.

Fake news is no phonier than it normally is and the state is no deeper than it’s ordinarily been; right now. Left unchecked though, the actions of this administration are digging a bottomless and illegal money-pit of greed and deception, the effect of which could last for years.  Some examples:

With the patriarch as president and not fully divested from his business holdings, Ivanka and Jared have netted more than $82million in their own businesses.  Managing dad’s golf course, Trump’s sons garnered $221million in 2017.  Unfortunately, figures from the previous year, for comparison purposes aren’t available.  Even Melania Trump, embattled and thought by many to be the victim of a brute and stuck in a loveless marriage, is profiting, having made $100,000 in 2017.

Now, there’s your Deep State forming.

The first lady’s contract with Getty Images stipulates her photos and all images of her and the first family must be shown in “positive stories only”.  Consider that with the president’s attack on the free press and his constant berating of ANOTF (All News Other Than Fox) as fake, this contract provision smells like the very manipulation Trump persistently rails against.  It’s these types of abuses of the Constitution’s Emoluments clause that digs the deepest hole for us as citizens; rather than for those perpetrating the crime.

“One of the weak sides of republics, among their numerous advantages, is that they afford too easy an inlet to foreign corruption.”

Alexander Hamilton – Federalist No. 22

Even if you choose to ignore the wealth-gathering, even if you choose to ignore the eradication of needed environmental regulation and even if you ignore the willful kidnapping of immigrant children to make an example on border policy, Helsinki should have people asking, how much difference are we willing to accept?  And if we throw out the status quo of government, everything, American morals and ideals, as well as her global standing, where will we be, in two, three administrations of the same behavior?

Proponents of the president are quick to call his views on Putin and other strongmen part of his new world vision.  They say that with tongue in cheek and don’t realize just how right they are.  That’s because Trump does indeed have a vision of a new world order; one where when he talks, his people sit up and pay attention and where he can commit murder and still remain president.

The point is not well-taken.  Orange jumpsuits for everybody!

In his mind, he shares more of an affinity with Putin than we should find comfortable for someone in his position.  But, Congress has shown little fortitude in providing oversight.  Even in the latest Helsinki flag, there are no signs of a serious gathering of stones.  Hypothetical: what happens if there is no change in sight for the next two and a half years?  If that happens, in a relatively short time we could see our first American king.  And that’s all part of Trump’s new world order.

Конгресс и база Трампа, как ваш русский? Лучше Бак!

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