Those un-cashable wolf checks Trump has sold America

Let’s be clear; by “America” I mean, white America, unfortunately. 

Trump said from the start what his intentions were, regardless of whether those intentions were taken seriously.  He ran an ambiguous campaign, never fully denouncing the hate that his words, in some instances, gave birth to.  He got elected because that same meanness was allowed to mask itself in patriotic memes.  And now, spitefulness has become a medium for foreign policy as the president recently confirmed the “deterrent” element of his current border strategy.  And so far, white America-the Trump base and those from rural parts who voted for him because they felt forgotten-are OK with what’s happening; again, unfortunately.

Trump has sold White America wolf checks that our asses can’t possibly cash.  But that hasn’t stopped some of them from trying.

Last night, many watched cringe-worthy news as a white man accosted a Puerto Rican woman for wearing a top depicting the flag of Puerto Rico.  The wince factor was upped intensively as we saw him, at times so close he’s almost putting his hands on the lone woman, while a park police officer stood not 50 feet away, silently watching the whole thing unfold.  It was only after another man spoke up and an argument seemed about to start that the policeman deemed it necessary to step up.

Now, as the governor of Puerto Rico demands the termination of the officer on scene, you wonder what is it that’s empowered white people to the point that they could suddenly become so rude and dangerously threatening.  What new directive exists that mandates white men and women become caretakers of public and private spaces?  Who has marshaled white men and told them their mission is to accost Latino women for speaking Spanish in public or confront Arab women for wearing traditional Muslim garb?  And what’s the name of this national neighborhood watch whose members keep calling the cops on “suspicious” looking black people lurking in their neighborhoods?  What makes them think that people will not feel as they do about their own loved ones?

Trump feeds his base with continual disconnected reality about minorities; citizens and immigrants.  And the main fantasy is that these embattled Americans and others across the globe, will continue to turn their other cheek.  He sells his people an imaginary can of whip-ass he says they can open at their convenience to take their country back and make it great again.  It’s an emboldened and unreal check written in cruelty and can only be truly cashed with the very real blood of our countrymen.

Maybe that’s Trumps end game after all.

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