There was a time when bullsh*t walked. It’s just not today.

It would probably be too dire of me to ask if everybody knew what the truth was.  So, I’ll take a different tact.

We all know or knew of a person, either we went to school with someone, worked on the job with someone or was in the military, especially in the military with someone like that, who at the end of the day was really full of shit.  We accept them for what and who they are; we acknowledge that they lie but because they may be part of our circle, we tolerate them; even at times enjoying their company.  But always, we recognize that what they’re selling is a bunch of fake.  We derisively yet jokingly say, “That mother%*cker can’t be relied on” or words to that effect. They’re not necessarily friends but yet sometimes more than acquaintances. 

We put up with their bull because of whatever it is you want to call what exists between us-friendship, tact, manners, acquiescence?   And about the only time we truly challenge them is when something big and irrefutable comes out of their mouth.  The thing is, we recognize the stuff that matters, when their excursions away from veracity threaten our relationship.  And we check them on their crap.  It’s how we operate, right?

Then why is it so hard to do it now, politically, when it’s necessary and the stakes are so high?  Not to go all Joe Pesci on everyone but have the laws of Physics ceased to exist in our country?  Is right now wrong; has reason now become discord?  Maybe CNN is mistaken and an apple actually is a banana in 2018.  I guess it still comes back to truth, or lack of it, dire as it may sound.  Can a lie stand as truth?  Well, that’s up to us folks.

A few years back, I called what we would hear on the news, the stuff I thought we customarily took with a heaping of salt, mumbo-jumbo, and I was going to cut through it, give it to you straight.  That’s because back then, I took for granted that what was plain and obvious to me, the big stuff, the things of consequence universal to all of us regardless of race, religion, orientation or age, was clear and observable to the rest of the country, regardless of political party.

Remember, I’m talking about the big stuff, the stuff that exists in all of our lives, affects each of our family members, values we all want to teach our children, traits both sides have been heard to champion in years past.  But that’s not happening; bullshit is running rampant on the Beltway.

Now some will say that that’s nothing unusual.  To that I say, wrong!  Mumbo-jumbo historically attempts to run wild in DC.  OTH, bullshit is mumbo-jumbo on steroids given strength and a prolonged life through our acceptance of it as whole hearted truth.  It can’t be allowed to stand.  The truth-the nuisance, irrefutable and inescapable truth-must be permitted to endure.

Politicians are always saying how they want to be a party for the people, be just like regular folks.  Hell, we are regular folks, they exclaim!  Well, if so then they’re going to have to start doing what regular people do and tell bullshit to take a walk.  It falls to us ensuring they do. I’m just saying…

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