What the Beginning of Subjugation Looks Like

“We thank you for the opportunity and the blessing to serve your agenda.”

Reince Preibus – Trump Chief of Staff

One of the things always bandied about by conservatives-and others to be fair-is what must the nation’s forefathers think of us or specifically, how can we today, with all our modern necessities, ideals and ostensibly “new” standards of existence, remain true to the original vision of America, the future home of the truly, free man. As I watched Trump’s cabinet “bless him” for all his good works, I immediately thought that this was what they hoped to avoid back then and probably had no inkling that anyone settling in this great nation, past, present or future, would be without balls to such an extent.


I’m not but some may be surprised that this is coming from the Republican party; you know, the ones always so big on maintaining our freedoms, in keeping with the American tradition of having at least a little disdain for authority, especially authority at its highest level, aka big government. That was before Trump, though it seems. I’m not surprised because the Republican party has for some time now shown their willingness to sell out America simply for the sake of votes or partisanship. Now, if the President’s continued popularity amongst his base is any indication-agriculture secretary Perdue said they love him in Mississippi, surprise, surprise-then the nations conservative thought process has shifted. It’s now OK to kiss some butt while on the way to being suppressed. And that’s exactly where we’re headed.

Think of it this way. This was the President’s first full cabinet meeting coming almost 5 full months after his inauguration. And during these early months, there were no big accomplishments, no legislation passed and no true movement on Trump’s main agenda for the country. The blame is casually and falsely laid at the feet of “obstructionist democrats” but any sensible person can see the forest as well as the trees and recognize that the incoming president, so far, has nothing to offer.

Truth is the first casualty

A presidential cabinet is made up of 19 intelligent individuals, all of whom are like-minded as the commander when it comes to policy-these are his choices after all-but at the same time are willing to provide an independent voice when necessary. It’s an essential balancing act that affords us the checks and balances we need in government. Yet, these bright 19 were eager to toe a dishonest company line of excellence, falsely extolling Trump’s accomplishments even as he has none while the nation slowly falls apart from those very same non-events.

In this political marriage of expediency, mainstream Republicans were supposed to be the buffer that allowed a neophyte president to succeed. They were meant to be a guiding hand, steering Trump away from amateur histrionics and herding him towards what should be by now, an easily recognizable if not readily acceptable, conservative agenda. Instead, we have a novice, know-it-all, deceitful commander-in-chief, who’s addicted to praise-as well as Twitter-and who’s joined by a cabinet of equally, unschooled government beginners and enablers, more than ready to do the president’s bidding, even if it goes against all that America has stood for down the centuries.

And as this assault on the basic truth continues, confused masses will begin to kowtow simply as a means of survival and for peace of mind. What’s next will be the trickle-down effect as such “devotion” finds its way into the president’s base in rural America and beyond.

Washington et al are turning over in their proverbial graves, I’m just saying.


A lot was written about “King Obama” over the last eight or so years. How does President Trump stack up against former President Obama’s first 6 months?  Should we start calling him “King Trump” now in all fairness?


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