But it’s not a ‘race thing’

Ignorance by geralt

Last week by a slim margin of only four votes, House Republicans chose to repeal what should’ve been under any other circumstances, a signature achievement for any president, regardless of political party, race or gender; and that is providing healthcare for all Americans.

The unnecessary repeal came in spite of a record number of households choosing plans under the ACA during the first months of the federal exchange, up 400,000 enrollees over last year at the same time.

But alas remember, everything Obama wanted to do was wrong.  It obviously must’ve been the plan because a lot of what Trump’s done so far has been to roll back, cancel or otherwise scuttle much, if not all, of what the first African-American president put forth.

But it’s not about race.

Many retain faith in the president and doggedly still believe that his election victory was more about a “movement of (simply) angry voters”. I say fine; hold onto that assumptive, self-serving conclusion, but keep an open mind and listen to your own party.

You should read 13 remarkable quotes from people who voted for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump.  Not  all the statements were out there but one Wisconsin woman shed some light on how deep these type sentiments flow; how deceptively, too. Imagine, still calling us colored people, in this day and age.

But it’s not about race.

Trump’s uncanny victory was also a mandate about deception, arrogance and stupidity. It proved that some Republican constituents can be easily deceived or led, if you play the fear and race card.

Race got Trump elected but now it’s about the arrogance of today’s conservative party.  That’s what you call it when legislators knowingly create a bill that will cause hardship to millions and in the same session, exempt themselves and their families from it and nevertheless still expect to retain the support of those same constituents.

You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?  I would like to write that it’s about the stupidity of Republican leadership who would dare think that the average American could be so easily corrupted to think that an African-American couldn’t perform the duties of commander-in-chief.  I would like to but I can’t.

No, it has to be about the stupidity of Americans who voted for Trump, ignoring all his campaign promises of healthcare repeal.  They still stubbornly believe he has their best interests at heart even as his new and touted bill threatens to obliterate his campaign-promised protection of coverage with pre-existing conditions.  And even when he takes healthcare away from them via the Senate, they will nevertheless, through party surrogates et al, lay the blame squarely at the feet of Obama and then swear up and down that it’s not about race.

Over the weekend, France did what we should’ve done but couldn’t; defeated an attempt by extremists to take over the government.  Ask ourselves, what prevented us from doing the same?  Can this first 108 days of a scandal-ridden new administration actually be the result of America electing its first black president? Are Republicans and others really peeved to that extent?

As the Russia scandal continues to evolve, consider the extent of blame Trump is trying to put on Obama.  Imagine what could’ve been had not the consensus been that everything Obama wanted to do was wrong.  Think of how far we could’ve grown, both individually and collectively.  Instead, we’re mired in deep Doo with no end to it in sight. Now say it again and think about it.

But it’s not about race, is it?582607_S

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