The Big Trump Story

Hello everyone.  Here we are on April Fool’s Day, a day of pranks and misdirection and that might be more appropriate than you’d first think..

It’s only been less than two-thirds of the way towards the first 100 days of the Trump Administration and the news stories just keep on coming.  Tell me, how are you all keeping up?   There’s so much to choose from and every one of them is seemingly so relevant and sensational.  It’s the epitome of “for real” reality TV.  My concern is that a lot of them  might be nothing more than smoke screens.

It’s not to say that these accounts aren’t significant or newsworthy; they are.  But it’s occurred to me that maybe we ‘prioritize’ the news to get to the nitty-gritty.  That’s the challenge; so, what pray tell is the nitty-gritty?

In the case of Donald Trump, it’s the one main story that could change everything and there’s only one out there that truly pushes that agenda.  That’s everything that concerns Trump finances, his siblings’ finances, any perceived conflicts as well as his refusals to fully disclose and divest himself from his fortune.  The emolument clause of the Constitution is the nation’s best hope for change or impeachment yet, it’s in the news rarely, isn’t it? Let me put it another way; given it’s importance, shouldn’t coverage of suspected violations be given more consideration?  I searched and came up with 13, 600 results (Google News).  Surely one of these is worthy for evening television if for no other reason than to keep the nation informed.  Here are a few for your consideration:

The latest in the queue is a story from the Independent, March 28, 2017, Donald Trump “violated the domestic emoluments clause” says Barack Obama’s former ethics lawyer (Rachael Revesz).  The next in line is from U.S. News & World Report, March 21, 2017 titled intriguingly enough, Lining Trump’s Pockets.  Here’s an excerpt from that story by Ron Fein and Brianne Gorod :

It’s not difficult to imagine the various ways in which the federal government may end up paying Trump’s businesses. In fact, it’s already happening. The Department of Defense is looking into renting a floor of Trump Tower, which could cost $1.5 million per year. On top of that, the Secret Service is apparently also considering renting space there.

It seems rather straight-forward, doesn’t it?  It describes what, in a reasonable world, might be investigated as a possible violation of Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution.  So, ask yourself, how come nothing?  My favorite I’d read earlier in the month that I figured would capture the imagination of the public because of its quirky content and thus be a draw for the mainstream media machine(ratings!!).

But I didn’t see it.  China OK’s 38 Trump Trademarks; Critics Say It Violates Emoluments Clause (Marilyn Geewax) from NPR, WNYC touched on something I thought even partisan Trump supporters would have to mull and scratch their heads over.  Opponents see it as a quid pro quo the fact that Trump was awarded 38 trademarks expediently when previously before he attained the White House last year, he was awarded none.  The TM’s are for everything from hotels to golf clubs to insurance to protection services to concierge (escort?) services.

One might wonder whether any of these prime time omissions is by happenstance.  Or, are they part of a concerted yet undisclosed strategy by the White House to push certain news content hoping/planning that it will take precedent over stories relating to Trump’s finances?  And, is the Republican party culpable in this deception against the American public?  No, culpable is too strong a word.  Rather, do they know of his financial difficulties and are more than willing to remain mum about them and thus maintain control of the White House?  What we’ve mainly seen in the news this past month is the Russian scandal, the American Healthcare Act Bill and more Russia.  But as important as each of these is-and the plan doesn’t work if the content’s not important-I think they’re more of a diversion.

I don’t know I could be wrong; probably am.   But the troubling thing about Russia is that the investigation is slow and currently stalled.  And even if we find culpability-we see the net is widening-I doubt if any of it will stick to Trump; the bunker is being dug already.  So while it rolls along at its exasperating pace-and it will roll along for a long time-and the White House provides the occasional sensational tidbit, the Trump Machine will continue to profit, possibly.  I’m just saying that it’s a news story worthy of a lot more respect, aka coverage than what it’s being given. Besides, more coverage slowly erases the main duplicity of Trump;  that his agenda will help the working man.  His agenda will only profit himself, his family and  friends loyal to him and other business associates.

So, that’s why on this April Fool’s Day, consider the magician, or the illusionist that is Trump who keeps your attention transfixed on the one hand while he’s doing something with the other.  Or,think of it in terms of a sports analogy, a basketball game.  Your team is down in the fourth quarter and every time they gain possession, there’s a flop by the opposition or a foul that the refs call “incidental contact”.   Both Russia and TrumpCare are nothing more than flops and incidental contact.  We concentrate on those and we lose the game and surrender America.  And I think that’s been Trump’s game plan all along.


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