Fantasy, Betrayal & Recognizing Fake News

Do you ever ask yourself what is it that’s driving all that’s happening in the country right now? The honeymoon is over but like many married couples, the parties’ involved-voters and Republican leadership-seem to be stuck on staying together despite all indications that they should part ways immediately.  It’s like the man that cheats on a beautiful woman who constantly forgives him and even worse, loves him deeply still.  You ask yourself; how can that be so?  I think the overriding factor that’s driving this particular illusion of satisfaction, complacency and success is nothing more than denial and we’ll continue to be under its influence until the nation’s Republican voters draw some hard conclusions. 

It’s a question of time but that plays into the Trump et al plan in that, by the time party voters recognize how much they’ve been betrayed, it might be too late to do anything at the polls.  With only 596 days to go until November 2018, it’s not a lot of time to not only come to grips with the full extent of Trump’s misstatements and what they’ve cost you but also face up to the fact that the Republican Congress, your party, played a big role in hoodwinking and hurting their own people, the ones who voted for them.

Maybe once the final blow is struck and hypothetically, no improvement to the ACA is made but rather, the new Trump/Ryan bill with minimal tweaks that change anything is sneakily rammed down the nation’s throat, all the while ignoring constituent concerns and despite-or because of, remember the time-the new predicted numbers coming from the CBO, maybe that betrayal will be enough to make those voters realize how much “riverfront property” they’ve purchased.  Frankly, I’m not expecting it to happen.  Remember; Obama, boo!

Something else Republican voters are in denial about is how their party truly feels about minorities; not the minority vote, minorities.  It’s important because that fear that they were able to sow for all things Obama  over the former President’s two terms is not easily overcome.  To me, it was extreme partisanship built on racism and that’s always been something too horrible for many Republican voters to contemplate.  The reason is because such attitudes cost us as a nation and go against the grain of decency.  Right now I wonder if they speculate how much we could’ve accomplished if there had been an iota of cooperation coming from the right?

And while I’m not saying the entire Republican Congress is nothing other than a bigoted bureaucracy intent on taking America on a time tunnel excursion back decades, I am saying that there are enough members who do feel a certain way about Jews, African-Americans, Latinos and other immigrant populations.  Those members are able to slyly draft policy in a manner that hides its, their true ambitions; produce agendas that pit one American against another. Watching a town hall in Trump country made me realize how much that’s so.

The March 13 episode of All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC was a town hall meeting in McDowell County, West Virginia at Mountainview High School.  This episode of Bernie Sanders in Trump Country, back again in what many on the left might call hostile territory, focused on broken promises and straight talk about expectations as Bernie laid it out on the line for the audience.  What I heard though was a lot of the ties that bind.

As folks took their turn to speak of personal and overall hardship, I heard a lot of the same things I’ve heard coming from inner city community members concerning help needed to prevent a neighborhood from closing in on itself.  I heard terms like generational poverty and listened while people spoke of the need of an end game instead of incarceration for  youths with drug offenses; something to provide an alternative to the culture.  Young people see no future when all they see is jail time in theirs. Folks have been saying such in the hood for years.  Thing is, way before it became the commonly-used administration tactic that it now is, Republicans were spreading the fake news that black people’s problems in the inner city were not the same as rural white Americans; as if poverty and all its trappings  preferred one over the other.

If you ask me, we all should be damn skeptical of anything that comes out of the mouth of the dude who owned the “birther movement” and the people that helped get him elected.  Yet, with all the controversy that’s been prevalent-tweeting all hours of the night, failing to divest himself from his fortune(?), repeatedly fabricating circumstances-both before and after his election, none of it seems to matter to those who voted for Trump; MAGA, the promise so ineradicably planted in their minds.  My fear and one of those hard conclusions Republican voters need to make soon is how much of that really means Make White America Great Again and who in the party is really selling that dream.

What they fail to grasp is that Make America Great Again is a plan whose success will rise or fall at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable Americans, regardless of their race.  And as long as we see ourselves as poor white or poor black, we’ve lost.  It’s only all of us as one together can we MAGA.  And knowing that scares Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and others to death

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