Liar, Liar, World on Fire: Donald Trump, Republicans and their Long War on Truth

It appears that Trump, the businessman and Trump, the candidate, as well as Trump, the President of the United States, seem to all have difficulty with facts.  That’s at first glance.  But if you look at the totality of the title and situations involved, you come away with a much harsher assessment.  It could be said that all of his incarnations are spun from an identical bolt of cloth.  If that’s the case then unfortunately, it doesn’t create circumstances that bode well for America.  That’s because basically it means that Donald Trump is a liar.   And he’s not alone.

Since the Obama campaign, we’ve witnessed both Republicans and Tea Party members play loose with the truth; tending to put out misconceptions or outright lies on their own or choosing not to stand up and correct them when done by their affiliates.  In fact, it seems that the only honorable Republican, as partisan as he can get at times, continues to be John McCain.

In the past, he was one of few willing to correct the fiction that labeled Obama a Muslim and he did so in public fashion, which made him stand out from the crowd.  Many Republicans seemed more than willing to toe the party line with the lie since it benefited them.  And now, it’s so entrenched and practiced that it’s learned behavior turned party strategy and that means the world of politics as well as global diplomacy will never be the same again.

I’m thinking it’s time to call them all out for their reliance on falsehoods.  And it is a reliance too.  It’s a dependence that seeks to muddle the facts while at the same time muddying up the playing field, slowing the run game of an opponent and worse, denying the general public the truth with which to make an educated decision.  Furthermore, it’s dependence that we the public have enabled over the years.

If lying to constituents were a drug and politicians the users then we the public empowered, no, enticed them to use more and more of it over the years.  On both sides of the aisle we listened while promises were routinely broken with no intention of having the exaggerations or falsehoods sway our vote or confidence in the user politician.  And as this scourge of political abuse ran rampant, none of it was lost on those seeking to lead this counter-culture conservative movement that was growing.  The result: an administration that on the one hand feels it’s OK to be inaccurate and on the other, are emboldened enough to ignore the wishes of the electorate.

We want our president-elect to release his tax returns; Fuck ‘em, we ain’t doing that!

  • Reports say Russian Intelligence interfered with our Presidential Election; the President says, No sir, it didn’t happen!
  • The National Security Advisor doesn’t remember if he spoke to Russia concerning sanctions even though reports say he did.
  • President Trump declares as many as 3 million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton even though there is no evidence supporting the statement.
  • President Trump signs an executive order banning Muslim travel that isn’t really a ban on Muslims even though he asked Rudy Giuliani how to make such a ban “legal”.
  • President Trump refuses to divest from his many holdings even though he promises to do so.

And it hasn’t even been a full month yet.

I have to be fair in this too and acknowledge liars exist on both sides of the aisle.  It could be argued that a really slick lie practically handed Trump the presidency.  It was the fabrication played at the Democratic National Convention that iced Bernie Sanders.  We don’t talk about that much and maybe we should.  The truth after all will set us free and freedom in our case will be in the long run, at least four years from now.

By then hopefully, we’ll have sent a message to all our political leaders letting them know that after four years of lies and misinformation, we’re demanding more.  By then, hopefully both parties will realize the reliance we have on each other and that it’s not a battle where one side wins and the other loses.  It’s simply a political contest where each side votes and regardless of which side wins, no one should be on the losing end.  After all, this is America, right?  At least for right now.  In the long run, who knows?

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