The Nationalization of NIMBY



In a flurry of frenetic and at times confusing action, President Trump in his first week of office has signed more than a dozen Executive Orders, taking pen directly to paper in an attempt to jump start the new policies of his administration.  One I think has been grossly overlooked; which is surprising because he did in fact run his movement on the promise of such change.

Maybe it’s because in the wishy-washy, broken and amended word environment of a presidential campaign, many perhaps thought it was a directive more implied than stated explicitly; more wish list than any actual doctrine. But now, he’s put pen to paper and those words are producing dreadful action.  It’s partisan and presidential-more reaction, in fact than action-politically induced and motivated by populist fear and ignorance.

Many will say it’s an accomplishment long overdue yet it’s one based on the anxious dread of skepticism and mistrust turned activism that had been previously mostly seen on the state or local levels and something shunned by the mainstream political establishment as anti-American, especially as it pertained to people.  Be that as it may, we now see that NIMBY has infiltrated the Beltway and is taking its prominent place in Trump’s New America.

NIMBY – an acronym for the phrase, Not in My Backyard; as a word, is a pejorative opposition by residents to a proposal for development; see Nimbys (residents) and Nimbyism (state of mind).


Most noticeably recognizable as a tool used to thwart neighborhood improvement draped in sometimes unnecessary expansion, NIMBY protests rarely dealt solely with people, particularly if there wasn’t a state-sanctioned home or some sort of building or property attached to them.  But in this new America, there will be no place for people of differences any longer.  That which was most tantamount in making and keeping America great is being rudely kicked aside and replaced with a policy that’s sure to make us less safe in the long run.

The current administration ignores that American greatness was afforded by American respect, something shared by those who even may not agree with us always.  It was deference for the democracy we supposedly cherish and the rights the system extolls.  It’s a historical respect, built on the foundation of decades of altruism, compassion and concern.  And it’s something that Trump et al are willing to throw away unceremoniously.

And that’s because ultimately, when all is said and done, there is no place for “colored” people in Trump’s New America.  There is no place for African-Americans, Latino-Americans and even though they may not know so already, there is no place for Asian-Americans or even Jews, though their exclusion may be considered “long-run” thinking.  And brown immigrants from overseas need not apply.

There was no place for NIMBY in the old America but it will flourish in this new world order being created; that along with all the requisite and usual party favors: discrimination, segregation, exclusion and hate.  And that shouldn’t come as a surprise; we did after all vote the man into office.  I wonder though how long before real Americans wake up and realize just what they’ve gone and done.  I’m just saying…

You Tube video, Muslim Ban at JFK Airport by Casey Neistat


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