What’s the plan?

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

 Aldous Huxley

I had talked myself into thinking that writing this was unnecessary and that Trump just might be mellowing and trying to put together some sort of cohesive campaign here during these last few months; still crazy but quieter and less volatile.  I prayed that his devotees would mellow also.  Then, I read about two Muslims shot in the head after Saturday prayer and I realize that my initial thought is still the same; as much as Trump is a problem, he’s not the biggest problem.  That distinction falls on his followers.  So now I’m right back where the bleep I started, wanting to ask Republicans a simple question.  What’s the plan? 

There has to be a plan, you see.  They talk about it a lot but there never seems to be anything brought forth of any type of substance.  They talk about it, Trump backs off a bit and all talk of an alternate avenue goes away.  I’d hate to think that the likes of Ryan and McConnell and the rest of the wise men downtown are simply winging it and keeping their fingers crossed when it comes to the likes of their Republican nominee for the office of the President.  I’m sure they’re privy to a whole lot more stuff rather than the ordinary stuff missing, often by choice, from nightly media reports that we routinely view.  The stuff too titillating.  Or horrifying.  If that’s the case then God help us, there’d better be a plan.

Why all this concern about strategy, you ask?  Well, if the killings today didn’t give you any more pause then let me share with you a story/video from the New York Times; it’s a compilation.  It’ll help to illustrate what I’m talking about, or asking.  Have you seen “Unscripted”, yet?


The New York Times over the course of his campaign have compiled videos of some of the harsher speech bandied about during Trump rallies.  If all you’ve ever seen or heard has been what you’ve seen or heard on mainstream media, I strongly suggest you take a look at “Unscripted”.

Fuck That Nigger!

As hateful as such an exclamation is, when I heard it on the video, in all of its quaint guttural countryness, I laughed out loud.  I did so because of the innate cowardice present that fostered such an expletive, cowardice and anonymity; two characteristics that for now, shield the general public from these hateful and possibly violent disciples.  What happens as they become more emboldened and feel comfortable with taking their show of intolerance on the open road, outside of the heartland?  What happens if such speech and attitudes fully insinuate themselves into our everyday American lives?

We’ve seen what happens when social policy outruns human decency.  We got a law; It’s called Stand Your Ground and America was in no way prepared for its use by the unscrupulous who simply wanted a legal remedy that allowed them to kill a black person.  What’s the plan if Trump wins?  How will you corral his followers and prevent them from rolling out a new era of dangerous, politically straightforward incorrectness?  How will you corral them even if he loses?

Talk about your chickens coming home to roost?  I remember the first Town Hall meeting early in the 2008 campaign that saw men openly carrying weapons while listening to the inflammatory speech of Palin and the like, dehumanizing the current president.  The Republicans courted such speech and now that same speech is coming out of the mouth of, not a Washington insider, but a rogue politician bent on doing things his own way, regardless of the impact such irresponsibility has on the country.  And through it all, they continue to seemingly be blissfully oblivious to the danger.  God help us, we truly need a plan.


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