Report: Doug Pederson allegedly part of sex scandal in KC

It begins by saying up front that they don’t know if the story is true or not but because it is circulating around Arrowhead, it has to be put out there.

“Let’s get this out of the way right at the top; we have no idea if this wild rumor about former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator and current Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is true. That said, we run a Chiefs site that focuses on team-related news, so this has to be written.”

From a story in the Arrowhead Addict by Matt Verderame; Doug Pederson allegedly had sex scandal in KC

The article elaborates by saying that Pederson had an affair with a 26-year-old team secretary despite being married and in spite of Andy Reid telling him to cut it out. It didn’t help matters that Pederson’s and Reid’s wives were friends. If anything that may have sealed the deal, so to speak with Pederson. Big Red knew that under the circumstances Doug couldn’t come back and Lo and behold, along came the Eagles with the perfect solution.

You have to read the story; it’s deep. The machinations of both squads are out there. On the one hand, it’s reported that Reid colluded with Roseman and Lurie to pump up Pederson to make him more attractive to the public by saying that he called plays occasionally in 2015. Truth is, Big Red made all that up. He knew how Philly sportswriters and fans would feel about a newly hired head coach that didn’t call a play at all in 2015. No sir, it would not have flown; not have flown very well at all!

Then on the other hand, the Eagles are being pretty mum about all of this. Supposedly, they know the situation now but didn’t in the beginning.  Was it simply a problem of failing to fully vet Pederson before hiring him or something else? In fact, you wonder where all of the sports media in Philly are right about now. Haven’t they heard about this? Or, is it simply not true? We know that they don’t have that big a problem reporting stuff that’s “questionable”.  Just ask Deshawn Jackson.  If that’s the case then why not report that it’s not so? Leaving the rumor out there to stew on an open and unguarded flame isn’t prudent.  Again, I wonder what Jackson has to say about prudence or the lack there of.

In any event, the fans should know; so here you go. Hopefully, the situation, if there is one, will be scrutinized more fully in the days and weeks to come.


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