World Peace

First_peace_badgeEver since Miss Congeniality, the words ‘world peace’ haven’t had the same meaning as they had before I watched the funny film. More than an appeal for a cessation of the desire to harm others, ‘world peace’ has morphed into something representing any less-than-heartfelt, mundane or insecure non sequitur; for me, at least. And there were a lot of such encomiums rolling off the tongues of some in last night’s Republican Presidential Debate.

I think Trump was the first to let such a salvo fly. He was asked a question about whether or not he was concerned with the tone of his meetings and rallies and whether or not he bore any responsibility for the violence they’re increasingly being associated with, particularly after the latest incident that saw a #BLM protestor punched, without provocation, by a Trump supporter.

Kudos to the moderators for broaching the topic but in typical Trump fashion (although he was less bombastic last night and more reserved) he bypassed the question entirely, never answering but choosing rather to run praise for the nations law-enforcement up the flag pole to the rousing salutes of the studio audience.

Not to be outdone, Marco Rubio seemingly as an afterthought, also praised law enforcement as his answer to a question he either didn’t really want to answer or was faltering on but it was Ted Cruz who first rolled out the customary, tried-in-true, often duplicated and consistently imitated absurdity that Republicans have been rolling out for the past eight years that carried the night: Obama, Boo!

You get a question about the state of affairs in Iran or Cuba, no worries, butcher Obama. You get a question about your take on domestic policy, fuggeddaboudid, throw Obama under the bus. You want to talk about our relationship with Russia, bunk it; Putin’s better than Obama any day. Asked why is there such a rift in the Republican Party; it’s Obama stupid!

The Republicans need to take care that the overuse of Obama as a scapegoat, especially here at the end of what was a reasonably successful two-term administration by any standards, doesn’t blow up in there faces. Eventually and historically, the big-scary Obama monster will lose its frightening luster and then what will they have?

World peace, Awww…

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