Trump Just Might Be Hitler Incarnate



Truthfully, I was ready to give Trump the benefit of the doubt about his being compared to Adolph Hitler but not anymore; especially not after the latest incident at a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

A Fox News report said that a BlackLivesMatter protester was punched in the face by a white Trump supporter and the only person ejected was the BlackLivesMatter protester. This occurred all in plain view of police (although police say that the officers were looking down at the time. I understand; escorting someone out but not really looking at them, I get it).

Hmmm, it sounds an awful lot like Brownshirt activity to me.

Those of you who don’t know, the thugs of the Nazi party, the enforcers, the ones who wielded the hammer before Himmler and Goebbels and all the rest got access to the tool kit, were the Brownshirts; called so because they wore brown shirts with their uniforms.

Formed as a paramilitary detachment of the Nazi party, the Sturmabteilung, or SA, was instrumental in helping secure Hitler’s rise to power. Used mainly for intimidation and pseudo-security and translated to mean “storm detachment”, the SA eventually morphed into the SS, the most ruthless and dangerous arm of the Nazi Party.

So much for Trump being a unifier, I guess. Especially if he’s saying things like he’s reported to have said below. Could be we have the makings of the beginning of a Baby SS on our hands. And if that doesn’t scare America then I really don’t know what will.

At a rally in Las Vegas last month, Trump strongly rebuked a man who had disrupted the rally and was escorted out. “I’d like to punch him in the face,” Trump said, adding protesters “in the old days” would be “carried out on stretchers.”

From a story in TIME dated 3/10/2016 by Katie Reilly

” Carried out on stretchers”, huh?  Moving forward, I want to see a couple of things happen. First, I’m hoping this galvanizes #BlackLivesMatter to regroup and come back to fight the new enemy, Donald Trump. I would also hope that the movement builds coalitions with other likeminded freedom groups, especially of other races and demos. The more the merrier. We’ll need them because as long as the anti-Trump movement is seen as “black”, white America will shut down. And it’s white America whose minds must be changed.

Finally, I hope protesters learn from mistakes made so far. Do not be disruptive; attend to listen. Disruption will only bring their violence and ire and get you removed. You’re already a force to be recognized by merely being there and the longer you stay, even in silence, the more you’re heard. And if it’s a bunch of you-black, white, Latino, Asian, young and old-then kicking you out isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if you’re peaceful.

Let America and the world see the extent of the corruption that permeates through Trump and his followers. Let them witness you coming to a venue-that you have the right to attend if it’s free-and nevertheless be assaulted. Let everyone see the real skinny so they can make up their minds and hopefully do the right thing by kicking this man to the curb.

Trump just might be that reincarnation of the Fuhrer we’ve been dreading unless he wakes up and becomes the unifier he claims to be.

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