You See It

Every day you see it. It comes into your line of vision either peripherally or directly.  You see it in passing; you see it when you come home from work. You see it in the morning when you wake up and go downstairs for breakfast.   You see it on the weekends when you’re mucking about doing nothing.

At times, you see it so much it seems to be everywhere in your everyday life.  It’s a type of familiarity borne of repetition; a testament to the many times you see it.  Thing is though, it’s not a repetition borne out of necessity because it’s almost certain that you see it when you don’t need it.

This is a precarious moment; realizing you need what it is you’ve seen before and yet, can’t so easily picture in your mind where it is, where it’s been or even where it possibly should be.  It’s precarious because at that moment you realize that if you’ve seen it before then you probably expected at some point in the future that you might need it.  And once you determined that, well, it stands to reason that you’ve put it someplace where it would be readily available for that use.

Of course, this brings to mind the question of exactly where it was you’ve seen it before.  Ironically, you know that you’ve probably moved it; in making it more readily available.  So, it’s really not where you’ve seen it last, it’s someplace else entirely different and you just can’t search your memory sufficiently enough where you can say with little doubt, “there it is”.

So, you employ various methods to recall where it is you’ve put it.  You relax.  You backtrack; which leads to all sorts of issues because if you could remember where it was you’ve been, you’d probably remember where it was that you’ve seen it last .

Nevertheless, you continue your exercises in recall.  And before long a picture starts to develop; no, it’s a movie.  It’s you walking through the house, your eyes searching.  You feel yourself getting nearer to what it is you’re looking for; you literally can feel it.  And just when it seems you’ll come into the next room and find your quarry, the movie fades to black.

Fed up and tired from all the imaginary walking, you decide that perhaps you don’t need it as much as you thought.  You rationalize that you can do without; what were you thinking that made it so you had to have it anyway.  And as you bask in your newfound freedom from necessity, you look down right where you are, perhaps to the left or even the right, and there it is, just what you were looking for.

It was right where you thought it’d be all the time.

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