A Global Recipe Denouement

Wild Turkey, Eastern United states

Wild Turkey, Eastern United States

Here we are two days after the holiday and many of us are in that traditional end game occurring after Thanksgiving.  It’s a flavorful one that may go on for a couple of days depending on how much your dinner bird weighed and how much of it is left over.  Thinking about which turkey reruns would get eaten in my house, I decided to pull out an oldie-but-goodie from my childhood, turkey noodle soup.

It’s one of those fond memories I have of a staple that soothed for days after; mom dropping the entire bird carcass into a large stockpot and then adding water, carrots, celery and a box of Creamettes.  Chopping my vegetables for stock, I wondered who else was doing the same around the world.

Thanksgiving dinner has always had that type of a worldly significance, hasn’t it?  The holiday implies unity; it begets friendship.  You say Thanksgiving and folks envision a huge table filled not only with all different types of food but chaired by different types of people.  It sort of forces us to get together, if for no other reason than to break bread on this one particular day.  I say; that’s a start.    It makes you wonder why it can’t be just that simple.  It’d take a huge table, of course.

Invite all the world leaders to the soirée, especially the ones that don’t get along or are behaving badly.  Those misguided members of the family of man would be made to get along; at least while they were at the dinner table.  And with a bit of luck, just like we hope our regular family keeps in touch after the holidays, we’d likewise hope that some of the catered goodwill would rub off on the world and take effect once dinner ended and everyone went their separate ways.   We’d ensure a modicum of success by having our own endgame menu on a much larger scale.

I envision turkey noodle soup for the world.  Why because on the one hand soup speaks of warmth, home and hearth and good tidings towards your fellow man.  It infers sharing; it leaves the door open to peace.  More important though, soup says that something is over, completed, finished.

I don’t know; I could be wrong and all of this is wishful thinking.  Can you imagine the world’s meanies at the table of man during the holidays?  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’d most likely wind up beheading the host because he ran out of crescent rolls or some crap.  And Kim Jong Un, in his usual self-centered way, would almost certainly be bitching about not getting his fair share of white meat.  Of course, were it as easy as I’ve just related, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Still, it’s the type of simplistic endgame we need across the globe for stability.  Right now, all we do is sit at this table or that one, get fat, get lazy, make enemies and fight.  Without the cessation of soup, there is no end in sight.  Hostilities continue ad infinitum.  Wars are waged without boundaries, without treaties.  There is no peace.  We need soup.

What about you?  What does Your turkey end-game look like?


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