Identifying True Tyranny, Recognizing Real Terrorists

Make no mistake; this is how it all begins, how it all goes so horribly wrong so quickly.

We saw it first with the knowledge promoted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative; information that was simply too much and too one-sided.  It’s a peddled sentience based on our fear of not only what we don’t understand but also on the warped and violent actions of an insane “few” who’re bent on America’s downfall.  Some use such individuals as catalysts to promote their personal agendas of hate and intolerance.

It’s a knowledge that instead of calming the masses and promoting togetherness does just the opposite and ignites our differences and exposes our innermost fears and prejudices.  It endorses ideas that are too far off the beaten, true and calm path and props up philosophies that truly can’t stand up to the muster of the basic ideals of this land we call America.  But that doesn’t seem to stop them from trying.

Because this in the end is a house of God.”

Ali Yoseph – 28 year-old Phoenix resident

My problem is that on one hand, I think such organizations are needed as they provide an alternate way of looking at what many call the Islamification of America vs. calling it what it could really be; simple immigration and integration of Muslims arriving to America.

 Always and forever the melting pot of world cultures, such moves compound an already tense environment as they produce a shift in the racial and religious dynamic of the country.  Frankly and besides which, such alterations scare a good portion of the populace to no end.

So because we are who we are-Hell, it’s in our country’s DNA-it’s a change that’s facilitated by the very nature of all that we hold dear. Remember “give us your tired, your poor, your decrepit”? When everything on both sides is done correctly, the AFDI or others could be the rallying voice of reason that prohibits or forestalls too much latitude being afforded those arriving on our shores.

The entire immigration process has been hijacked by political mercenaries, on both sides of the aisle so much so that any decision coming out of the Beltway is truly suspect; not made independently with America’s best interests at heart but rather decided capriciously and with some implied reward considered.  I do this for immigration; you come to America; you vote for me.

It’s because of such political inducements that organizations like the AFDI should be ones the public rely on for truth; to provide that opposing opinion as well as reasonable and objective dialog concerning such heartfelt issues.  Alas, like the many that’ve gone before them, they stray too far to one side.

With the past baited attack in Garland Texas, it appeared that the AFDI is more interested in provocation and exaggeration rather than the necessary job of teaching and informing the public.  It appears that like those before them who were also wrong, the AFDI chooses to utilize the freedom they claim to hold so dear, as a foil to embarrass another segment of the population; something I don’t think the founding fathers would ever have agreed to do. Still that hasn’t stopped imitators from popping up.

Enter Jon Ritzheimer, Phoenix resident and the most recent agitator in the country’s Islamic immigration dilemma.   Calling his Friday night protest, “…a patriotic sign of resistance against…the tyranny of Islam in America”, Ritzheimer also asked anyone attending to arm themselves as a precautionary measure.  Evidently, the art of peaceful protest, that bastion of a free American society, is something lost on Ritzheimer-who calls himself a patriot by the way-and others.  And that’s the whole point.

Something that so many have fought and died for should never be so cavalierly used as a weapon simply to tick somebody off.  And that’s all Ritzheimer and the AFDI are really trying to do.  They have no plan whatsoever other than to instigate a situation where they are the armed proponent, stand back and watch horrible events unfold, maybe kill a couple of people and then throw up their hands and say, “See! I told you it’d happen!!”

The idea that we’re free so we can should always be reconsidered and replaced with the more adult, tolerant and constructive one of we’re free to do so but do we want to or even, should we?

Following the AFDI’s lead, Ritzheimer’s and the lead of other like-organizations in the US, many Americans equate our freedom with our ability to do whatever it is we want to, regardless of the consequences, or the feelings of others.

Most often than not today, it’s freedom to cleverly or in outright fashion hurt others rather than freedom to express and protect ourselves-ALL America’s citizens-from being hurt by others.  It’s a freedom devoid of personal responsibility and a liberty that doesn’t sit well with our storied history.

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