The White Box

Who knows what lies underneath?  It might not be Murder Room, after all.

Who knows what lies underneath? It might not be Murder Room, after all.

I read something funny today; that Jeb Bush mistakenly checked the Hispanic box on his voter registration form in 2009.  It’s cool with me that he’s taken his first step in erasing his own singular mark that pigeonholes him and prevents him from reaching, what I’m thinking he sees as, his full potential.  See, I’m way ahead of him.  For a while now I’ve been thinking about checking the white box whenever and wherever I can.

I first got the idea from those “be together” commercials but I’ll be the first to say that I wasn’t sure how my act would be taken or even it was a proper thing to do.  I mean, you have to be true to yourself and be who you are, right?  Besides, it could be said that such checks and balances like those little boxes do little to unite us and only place further hindrances in the path of that unity.

Then again, who’s to say what lies beneath the surface of any of us?  Isn’t it possible that our skin can hide our innermost feelings from the world in the same way a book of poetry could obscure its true nature by wearing a suspense novel jacket?  People are redefining themselves all the time, more so than ever these days.  The old are becoming the young and vice-versa.  Those unskilled are acquiring new talents.  It would seem then that acquiring and taking on an entirely new ethnicity or race shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish.  Maybe all it takes is a bit of tight clenching; and masking tape.

See, it’s the tape that will allow you your continuing illusions of person. It might be as simple as keeping those mirrors in your home covered and you can then become any damn thing you want to be.  Maybe that’s it; Jeb has discovered the simplicity of how easy it is to “convert”.

What happens then though?  Is it all about us and what our expectations are when we undertake such an endeavor?  Jeb’s are fairly transparent despite his declaring it all a mistake; already popular with the Spanish voting bloc, he hopes his newly noted Latino affiliations will translate into a successful run on the White House.  I too am doing so for a self-interested motive (social experiment).  I want to give myself a little room to run as I advance into these retirement years.

So in matters of employment (not that I’m looking), finance, housing, education or any damn place they ask (and then say you don’t have to answer), much like Mindy Kaling’s brother who checked the “black box” in order to get into medical school, I’m going in the other direction and checking the “white box”.  And then I’ll sit back and watch what happens while I listen for that proverbial pin to drop.

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