I don’t do sneaky.

At its least, Sneaky is underhanded and conniving.  Sneaky is shifty; sneaky is shady.  Sneaky forces one to travel along the hallway with their back against the wall hoping to escape any unforeseen thrown knives.  Sneaky can be calculating but isn’t overly smart.  If it was it would recognize the futility of its selfish ways and appreciate the need of building lasting relationships with others.  Nevertheless, sneaky is smooth, covert and able to insinuate itself into all facets of our lives.

At its worst eventually, sneaky turns into something else entirely.  At the other extreme, sneaky is dangerous; it’s dastardly.  Already perpetually angry, sneaky becomes slightly sociopathic and utterly ruthless.  It incorporates and uses the darkest nature of all of its attributes.  If it goes this far then sneaky has probably began to show its true face and in that way become something truly scary.  That’s when we finally discover that sneaky is evil.  And that’s when we start to worry if we’ve made our discovery too late.

Don’t do sneaky; don’t do angry.

Rather, do thoughtful, pensive; anxious, even.  Do shy, reserved, compassionate and understanding.  Do forthright yet unimposing; challenging yet deferential. Do patriotic yet tolerant; prejudiced yet open-minded.  Do conservative yet not extreme; liberal but not wacky.   Do generous but not extravagant; especially with money or resources that don’t belong to you.  Do cautious but not fearful; brave yet not reckless or stupid.   Do learned but not snobbish; educated but not boorish.  Do love not hate; make peace not war.


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