Workplace Bullying Hasn’t Gone Anywhere

It’s a problem of perception.  Unfortunately, in the case of those operating under the thumb of a workplace bully, how they perceive they’re being treated doesn’t usually mean much in the scheme of things, aka the workplace environment.

That’s probably what Fox News producer Phillip Perea felt as he angrily tweeted and posted his outrage on Twitter and YouTube.  Unfortunately, he unfurled his growing disdain and bitterness towards an inappropriate target, himself.

Today, shortly before 9am, Perea stood in front of the news building in New York at 1211 Sixth Avenue, near Rockefeller Center, and handed out business cards indicating his continued fight with management; a fight that had been going on since April of last year. He was eventually suspended from his job.

In an installment of his video vendetta, Perea calls 2014, “the worst year of his life”.  Feeling the pain of impending unemployment and lack of support from anyone within the company, Perea shot himself in the chest and died later today at a local hospital.

Not that taking his anger out on his co-workers would’ve been more apropos.  It’s just that for me, it’s understandable how someone can feel as if they’re at the end of their rope when immersed in a workplace bullying situation.  Only one who’s experienced it can understand what such feelings entail.

The thing to remember, before you do violence to yourself or another, is that you have options at your disposal.

First and foremost is the Workplace Bullying Institute; a place to gather information along with the support and tools necessary to thwart and put a halt to the harassment.  And make no mistake everyone; it’s truly harassment, sometimes to the nth degree.

It will leave you sleepless, depressed and irritable.  This reckless behavior will insinuate itself into every fiber of your being to the point of seriously affecting your health.  It’ll present you with feelings of helplessness and inadequacy, so much so that before it’s all said and done, you’ll swear all that you’re going through is entirely your fault.

Take heed though; it may not be.  I say “may” because there are always two sides to every story and in the case of Phillip Perea, it may be a while before all the facts are fully known.

On the other hand, workplace bullying is still alive and well down on the job.  If you feel you’ve been bullied, or are being harassed by a coworker or supervisor on the job, and it’s not discrimination, you have an avenue to address your issues.  Contact the Workplace Bullying Institute before you get so down that you can’t get back up.

Another note from Ben:

This is something near and dear to my heart.  As I said, I’ve been there and it was only through the website ( and talking to others) that I was able to find the tools within myself and outside to handle my situation on the job.  Anybody out there who needs info, drop me a line.

You Tube video from P-Squad Entertainment

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