A Poor Choice of Words

These days cupid has help, although they may want to revamp their words of love.

These days cupid has help, although they may want to revamp their words of love.

I knew I’d heard it; I knew it.  But it was one of those fleeting things that, in the scheme of things, you just know you must’ve been mistaken.

Certain things don’t go with other certain things.  At the same time, certain phrases are used to generate particular emotional responses under certain circumstances.  Words are the tools used to yield such a connection.  That’s why I cringed inwardly when I heard it; this unfortunate turn of verse.  You can see the commercial here.     

Maybe it’s me but I don’t think it’s a word that you want to bandy about on a dating website.  I think it’s contrary to the idea you’re trying to sell; that using such a site is a viable and acceptable option for reasonable people in today’s quest to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.

Nevertheless, I heard it and I’m of a mind that Mr. Matchmaker just hasn’t come upon the right woman who’d give him a dose of some for-real forlorn and unrequited love and straighten him out about a few things.  The young woman would, by all accounts, be initially outgoing and wouldn’t mind stopping for a moment to answer those inevitably, private questions about her personal life. I imagine it would go something like this:

How do you meet men?  What type of man are you looking for?  What if there was a place between the bar scene and people desperate to get married where you could meet people who meet all the criteria you’re looking for, would that interest you?

Maybe it’s the Holidays being so close that would cause her to react as she does; holidays when you’re single can be rough sometimes.  It can seem like you’re the only one without someone to cuddle up with in front of the fire, sipping hot cocoa or to ring in the New Year with.  It’s no matter that you have central heating or that you’re lactose intolerant, it’s still real easy to let yourself be down when you’re unattached during Christmas.

And of course, mothers sometimes have a way of exponentially increasing the degree of awkwardness, bless their hearts.  Hers certainly did; what a Christmas this last one was, she’d recall. Having been so recently blessed with a well-meaning earful, she’d have little intention of accepting such from some Joe Blow on a street corner, and especially not in front of a camera.  She’d basically shut down after the word, desperate.

“Desperate?  Who’re you calling desperate?!?

“I didn’t call you desperate miss, I was simply saying…”

“I heard you, I heard the word and I know what it means.  What makes you think I’m desperate and who are you to call me that?!

“I apologize, miss, but you misunderstood m…”

“Nobody misunderstood anybody.  I know what desperate means and I know what disparate means, I know what you said.  You’re saying I’m desperate to get married?!  How dare you say that to me and in public, too!

I don’t know; you think advertisers track the possibility of such an occurrence as the one I depicted here in their analytics?  I wonder.

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