Misappropriated Lives

Since the “Hand’s Up/Don’t Shoot!” and the #ICan’tBreathe protests began, there’s been some challenge to bring the many people whose lives are most threatened by police actions under a associated umbrella of civil disobedience.  As with any like endeavor, the ability to keep everyone focused and on the same page will be the challenge that tests the most.

Like the civil rights movement of old, it’s apparent that we need change; what’s not so specious is how we’ll manage, under the circumstances, to garner such change.  People today are no different from their counterparts of yesterday; they’re impatient and don’t see a long wait for such necessary amendment in their immediate future.  Like those before, many today espouse an attitude of, “If you don’t, we will.”

But just like those that came before, enough folks today are smart enough to recognize that this is a battle that won’t be won with violence but has to be fought with peaceful and deliberate challenge.

As we watch more violence being perpetrated supposedly on behalf of ones slain by police, we’re witnessing a battle for the minds of those misguided enough to feel that targeting police is the answer to the problem that faces urban black communities.  It’s a battle to stop their misappropriation of the names of those who’ve fallen.

But it’s not only a battle to be waged on the civilian side alone; police lives are being misused as well. Just look at the head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Patrick Lynch,

Rather than be a soothing, unifying force of reason, Lynch has taken it upon himself to be a vile provocateur that seemingly wants to stir the melting pot of New York into a murderous frenzy.  That he is head of the union for New York’s finest and still seeks to push their ranks towards outright mutiny, with little regard for civilian life along the way, is only something that makes his actions seem  all the more incredulous.

Police union officials in the past have always advocated strongly for their own constituents; many times in direct conflict with the Mayor’s office.  But I can’t recall when one has done so in a manner that threatens the welfare of the citizens.

In such a manner, Lynch is misusing the lives of his fallen comrades as stolen fodder for his own political battle; and he’s doing so at a very high risk to public safety.

At a time when New York is at its crossroads and trying to decide on peace or destruction, she can ill-afford to put up with public figures that incite rather than calm.  New York can no longer afford Patrick Lynch; the sooner they realize it, the better off they’ll be.

YouTube video by Mediaite.

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