Thankful, Anyway

This will go down as a Holiday to remember.

Here in the Mid-Atlantic area, it was a balmy 59-plus degrees and raining, heavily at times, yesterday.  If it was colder and the precipitation was the frosty type, it’d have made for more of a holidayesque mood. Even today, Christmas, isn’t shaping up to be the norm; it’s overcast and mild for the time of year, nothing even remotely resembling the storied Christmases of our imagined past.

And to top it all off, myself and the entire house picked this time of year to come down with severe flu-like symptoms.

But Christmas, as much or more than its cousin of a month earlier, is a holiday about giving thanks, in spite of what’s occurring around you.  And we have a lot going down around us these days.  America is again at a crossroads where she’ll have to decide what type of country she wants to be.  She’s been here before; that’s why I’m hopeful that she’ll make the right decisions again today.

And that’s cool because Christmas is also about hope; the hope of a new day embodied in the birth of a tiny baby.

So while I may not be able to pinpoint what it is I’ve caught, although I kinda figure we caught it from the cab driver who misjudged his sneeze during our cab ride; I’m nevertheless thankful for what we have, sniffles et al.

I’m thankful for the friends, family and relationships I’ve cultivated over the years and the ones that I hope to nurture in the future.  I’m thankful for the folks who’ve humbled me by attending to what it is I have to offer.  And I’m thankful for mine and my family’s good health, as reasonable as that is under the circumstances.

After all, it could be worse; the cab driver could have recently returned from visiting in-laws somewhere, very alarming.


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