Don’t Blame de Blasio

Patrick Lynch, head of the New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association is mistaken is his opinion of Mayor Bill de Blasio but he wasn’t mistaken in his characterization of accountability.

“There’s blood on many hands.”

Patrick Lynch – Head of New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association

Someone should remind Mr. Lynch that it’s the reason for the protests coming out of the black communities and elsewhere; a perceived lack of accountability required from local police.

It’s understandable his emotional reaction to the deaths of the two New York patrolmen.  It’s only natural to lash out in all directions.  But after the dust settles and the two men are buried, I would hope that he realizes his mistakes and corrects them.

Looking at his picture, surrounded by officers who’ve just lost one of their own to tragic circumstances, I’m more concerned by what I don’t see and what I don’t hear.

What I don’t see are any “other-than-white” faces in the crowd of officers gathered to show their solidarity.  That’s not to say that minority police officers are not angry at the loss of one of their own but I can’t help but wonder why their numbers aren’t represented better when a camera shows any gathering of New York’s patrolmen, under the current circumstances.

And what I don’t hear from him is anything concerning restraint and good judgment.

In his condemnation of Mayor de Blasio’s empathy with the black community, Lynch shows how disconnected he and others like him are with the communities they supposedly serve.  And that’s the true shame because if we could just get him and others to make that connection, we’d cease having conversations such as this.

If he was connected then he’d know that every father with a son of color-a child of color, in fact-has to have “the conversation” with his children and instruct them how to interact with the police.  It’s something of a rite of passage for African-Americans and other minorities.

If he was connected, he would further recognize that he’s crossed a line; one that seeks to advocate for the safety of his union brothers on the one hand and one that seeks to set a tone of reconciliation and public safety, as a veritable leader of the police force, on the other.  Right now, I hear one but I don’t hear the other.

In fact, what I hear from police departments across the nation is a collective “Call to Arms”, as they place themselves on high alert in expectations of an imminent attack. They did this despite the fact that Ismaaiyl Brinsley is dead, by his own hand and there’s no evidence that he acted with another.  They ignore the fact that his own mother reported his threats against the police; a sign of the collaborative relationship police are supposedly seeking with the black community.

That they choose to ignore the positives while steadily and readily reinforcing the negatives makes me wonder what their true goals are in dealing with African-Americans.

One ear hears the alert as the objective preparations of a disciplined, well-oiled machine seeking to take steps necessary to calm the fears of the public but the other ear hears it as the gleeful, anticipatory machinations of a para-military force bent on violent, social change.

It’s like I said, I hear one thing but I don’t hear another.  What do you hear?


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8 responses to “Don’t Blame de Blasio

  1. More than a year ago now, I began following blogs of Americans in the hope, that as an African, I could make some sense of a people who have been stereotyped beyond all recognition by the media. I guessed the people depicted on the TV shows couldn’t possibly exist and I thought that if I listened in on the lives of many different Americans from all class levels, ages, races etc., I would get a better perspective. I hoped I could learn not only about American politics, but also about American’s own relationship with this politics.
    I have learned much in this way and a few things stand out:
    Sometimes the same incident, is almost unrecognisable when viewed from different perspectives and while I accept this is a phenomenon encountered in other countries, it is much more polarised in the United States, and especially with regard race.
    I am a Zimbabwean, and am fascinated by race issues and how they are used by a government to manipulate the electorate. I won’t bother you with the details of how this has panned out in Zimbabwe, but it is very clear to me, far away, on another continent, that the average American is being manipulated by both the media and the government.
    It is very clear to me that the United States Federal Government want more control of each state. When there is conflict, there is polarisation and people move to the extreme of a point of view. Only in the situation of conflict will people agree to change. Just remember: your police force is under the control of your state and is working for the people of that state to maintain law and order. They are upholding the law. The National Guard is not, it is there to maintain the government and in your case, the Federal Government.
    Now, I may be an outsider and admit to not understanding the politics of the USA, but I have seen first-hand the corruption of a police and the systematic destruction of a judiciary to maintain the privilege of a few elite and I see this in what I have read for the last year or so.
    Don’t fall for it. Don’t be manipulated by your media, or your prejudices.

    • ben

      Hey Frankie, good to hear from you and Happy New Year! It’s interesting what you said about the police, especially given the shared history blacks and they have here in the US. That’s the problem. Like you said, right now, two people of different races will have two very different perspectives but they shouldn’t because police reform benefits us all. There are no statistics of the number of deaths at the hands of the police available from the Justice Department because police departments don’t keep such tallies. Really?! That the media pulls the strings of public consciousness is no big surprise. Looking at whats happening in France now, the US media is running continual footage of the attacks. Why? To scare the crap out of us, is why. But even knowing that shouldn’t prevent you from taking that stand when necessary. And be careful, by the way you’re talking about government takeover of state’s rights, you’re beginning to sound like a member of the country’s radical right. just kidding. Be good…

      • Sorry, I didn’t see this reply when I answered the next one. Let me begin on your last comment… dang , I got rumbled – my family and alot of my friends consider me a crackpot who has defo lost it and I’m impressed you caught onto me so quickly! I am called a conspiracy theorist by many of them with an added roll of the eyes and they hate it when I am proved right! I’d like to say I try to look at every situation with a large pinch of salt and a great mistrust of governments! From a psychologists perspective, governments the world over do a great job with how they manipulate their people and usually at the behest of someone with bulging pockets. I make every effort not to read mainstream media, I don’t have TV and lately, I try only to gain information direct from source – it’s not easy – try to get scientific data some time. It’s not easy. Plenty of scientific papers talking about data, that isn’t available. Sometimes if you manage to get hold of the data, it tells a different story to what the scientists “conclude.” They conclude what the person who is paying them conclude tells them!
        So to the top of your post – we had a wonderful Christmas Break and yes, here we can say that without fear! We went off to the bush, with no one to disturb us, where we can think and appraise with little coercion!
        I cannot comment on the section of your post “the shared history blacks…” as I don’t know personally, any black Americans. I only know what I have read and seen on TV and written in history books and if I were to believe that, I would be falling for the same trick as everyone else. What I can do, though, is read what American Blacks think and feel and try to make some sense of it. I can also step back and look at the situation from the outside and I don’t know if that is valueless.
        In my opinion, multiculturism hasn’t worked, and the sooner everyone is the same religion, the same colour or goes back to the country of their heritage, we are not going to improve the situation. America is an experiment that hasn’t worked and reading a blog such as yours over the last year or so has even more firmly cemented that idea in my mind
        ……just now I gotta imagine moving to Europe….Eeuw – with Europeans, and the cold and the mud and no one smiles and sleet and snow (which I have never seen) and think, all those Afro Americans – back here in Africa – with the broken roads and the death rituals, and the tribalism, nepotism and strange language – UBUNTU????…
        Our world is a mess, Ben and I dunno what we are gonna do to fix it – maybe we just chuck our lot in with the money guys and have a war…?

      • ben

        See, I’ve upset you and that was never my intention. So the world sucks sometimes, so what? is that any reason to chuck it all? As pissed off as i get< i'm still optimistic. And as pessimistic as I may become at one time or anopther, I'm still optimistic. Hell, frankie I'll be optimistic when I see those msuhroom clouds in the distanxe and hear the begininnigs of that high pitched scream of the blast. Then it'll be optimism about the existence of an afterlife. Point is, you sound down; don't be. you say reading my blog makes you think we're doomed here in America? Could be, who the hell knows? America will never be the true success that she can be until she comes to grips with herself. These are her growing pains; her puberty, if you will. Whether or not it's a success, history will have to tell. I'm going to have to get some new material; i don't want to be depressing the world and shit…be

      • No – you have not upset me, and Im sorry you thought you had. Not much upsets me – Im too opinionated to really care what other people think – sticks and stones you know! In this, my pen name, I don’t often get into any intellectual discussions as I have to in my real life, so perhaps Im out of practice!
        I don’t think its reading your blog that makes me think America is doomed – its just the cycle of things and the point at which I see America in, in that cycle. I can’t see what She can do, given the money system we are at present using. I see America as in her last kicks, neither growing pains nor puberty.
        I joined the many blogs to try to come to grips with the American People when I realised they are not “America.”
        I dont know if you are aware, Americans are pretty much disliked in the rest of the world and yet I was confused by the few I met – really nice people. So I began to investigate, but that was before blogging, before I was able to get hold of Ben and Jill, and Tom, Dick and Harry Americans. I can now see that they are two separate things: American people and the American government…
        Oh…I have no hope of an afterlife – that is just sloppy thought!
        Keep well and keep writing – I do read every post you make and I rarely get depressed – just want to go over there and clap you alongside the head sometimes for falling for “their” BS

    • ben

      Or, do you see a possible takeover being fueled by media manipulation and one that involves the police as a rogue force bent on usurping elected officials? I’m reading your comment again (I read it a few times) and I’m wondering if that’s also where you’re going? Holler back when can, be good…

      • I don’t see the police being used by the federal government. They are state controlled. It’s the Federal Government that is at war with the American people and it’s the Federal Government that has been overtaken , long ago. So no. I’m going with the Home Guard. As I said previously, they are controlled by the Federal Government and are there to maintain the Federal Government, not law and order in individual States.
        It’s all down to money and the people with it, keeping it.
        What I get upset about is when I see people, often whom I respect, getting caught up in “their” lies and this is what I was commenting upon. I read posts by people I know personally, who have moved to the UK, ranting about Muslims…wow, what a broad term! And I get scared. Those same people coexisted with Muslims here in Zimbabwe for years and never did I hear them spout what they do now. The warmongering I see here, from the middle of the bush, is scary.. Yes – even the race baiting in the US is just that – don’t fall for it, Americans. Don’t fall for it. Your government, that is already controlled by the money people, wants more control (so they get the Home Guard) and they want a war – wars pay big bucks. AND allows a whole new redistribution of wealth.
        Americans need to take their States back. The Federal Government don’t want that, so what do they do? They offer up incidences (distraction plans) fuelled by the media to give people on both sides something to occupy themselves with. When they are expending all their energy in distraction plans, they are unable to step back and looks at the situation dispassionately.
        And when these little distraction plans don’t work too well, a good old “false flag attack” works wonders. Again, we had them here in Zimbabwe and we were all too in “the middle of it” to notice. Only now, many years later, we found out that some of the atrocities committed against people in my province were perpetrated /sanctioned by government forces (I don’t know if you have heard of Gukurahundi?)
        Excuse the length of this reply – just one last postscript – I think we are all stuffed anyway and the sooner our population is reduced to less than a billion, the rest of higher life on this planet is doomed too!

      • ben

        Coexisting, that’s a deep word. You ever watch kids playing together? Just the kids now, no bleepin adults. they’ll get along fine. they’ll have the normal give and take-water has to find its level-but for the most part, they coexist. I can tell you a good story about a guy I knew in the service, a white guy and how things can so quickly go awry and how as much as you want to, you just can’t get back to what it once was. It’s like that with those that can’t coexist anymore. Something is put between them. Muslims can nolonger exist with Jews or Christians; Blacks can no longer exist with whites; Sunnis can no longer exist with Shiites. Who puts it there, or rather, who allows it to be put there, is what I think you’re asking, right? Yeah, we are manipulated in a lot of ways; we always have been. money, power, greed. in the last reply, i spoke about how America is growing up. She’s realizing some things about herself; and some of it ain’t pretty, a’tall. One side wants to get real while the other side wants to rewrite history. We’ll see.

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