A New Booty Standard

It’s funny the things you happen to think about when you first see or hear something.  When I saw that Jennifer Lopez was trending and watched her video on YouTube, I thought about my mom, strangely enough.

When I was young boy, I’d sometimes hear my mom make a statement about this young woman or that one, we’d see out on the street, “Look at the hind parts on that child there”.  She’d say this somewhat under her breath and when I’d ask her what she said, she always replied telling me to stop being so nosy, as parents do when they’ve said something they don’t want their children to hear them say.

Oh, but I heard it alright and it stuck with me.  So much so that when my dad and I would be out alone and I’d see the same young lady, I’d say to him, “there goes that girl with the hind parts”.  So you can say that I learned to know booty from a very young age.  And Jennifer still has booty, at 45 years old.

I’m not at all surprised; that a middle-aged woman can still be considered attractive, vibrant, wanted and sexy.  Hell, they’re some senior women out there that are bad as hell, trust me on that.   Still, I remember her when she really had butt; all kinds of butt, butt for days.  Hers was the butt standard for the world.  Like troubadours and minstrels of centuries past, peeps were out there making songs about Jennifer Lopez’s backside.

But, as many women do, she lost some weight and with it went some of her butt.  Damn a Brazilian Butt Lift!  But let me be clear on this, she’s Jennifer Lopez and she’s only going to lose butt so much.  And God gave her more than her share to be able to give some away and still look fine as all get out.

So, I won’t celebrate her latest video mainly because I’ve seen the classic from Back in the day.  There’ll probably be some out there maybe saying that she used to have a big booty but I won’t go that far.  I’ll never put down any woman doing something positive for herself, like losing weight she wants to lose and I hope my comments concerning what are really my preferences aren’t taken as such.

I’ll just hold on to those memories and be glad she stopped when she did.

YouTube video from JenniferLopezVevo

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